Would You Pay $724,000 for Content?

Would You Pay $724,000 for Content?

Apparently, some people would. A few weeks ago, Britain’s Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, aka Fergie, reportedly tried to sell access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew. She claimed she could introduce the “undercover reporter” to Prince Andrew and could possibly dig up a signed photo. This business exchange was all caught on tape, to Fergie’s surprise.

This incident has made for an interesting string of events for Fergie, including an appearance on the Oprah show explaining her side of the story. Though $724,000 is a stiff price for content, Fergie obviously thought this deal was somewhat reasonable by making the offer in the first place. This sort of thing happens all the time in tabloids and popular magazines, but I have not seen it yet with Internet content.
However, this episode further proves just how important quality content is.
With quality content, you are able to:
  1. Provide your target market with interesting information. By giving customers substantial content, you are giving them a reason to visit your website. Also, if there is often new content featured, it will give people a reason to check back.   
  2. Increase page rank and help with other factors of SEO. Great content will certainly translate behind the scenes.
  3. Drive traffic to your site. By increasing your page rank, more and more people will find your website through search engines. It is truly invaluable to be on the first page of search engine results.
  4. Increase your chances for inbound links. If there is great information available on your site, chances are, people are going to link to it. These organic links also help with traffic and SEO.
And if the content is exceptional, it could turn viral, and even more people will view what you have to offer. The content that could have been the result of selling access to Prince Andrew probably would have been big news. But instead, the sting that Fergie was involved in became huge news because of its nature.
Though Fergie’s plan ended up backfiring royally, it does illustrate the importance of content, and the lengths people will go to to get it. How far would you go for content?

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