Why I Love Free Guides and White Papers [VIDEO]

Why I Love Free Guides and White Papers [VIDEO]

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What’s our favorite type of content at Vertical Measures? You may have guessed infographics, or even written blog posts since we tend to do a lot of that around here. But our ultimate favorite is free guides and white papers because they are long lasting performers that you can reap benefits from for years. Listen on to hear more about the benefits of these useful content pieces.


Hi. I’m Arnie Kuenn and here at Vertical Measures we create useful content for our clients every single month. Everything from quality blog posts to infographics, to resource pages, to all sorts of videos and all sorts of formats, and even content specifically for social media. But I just love it when our clients ask us to produce how-to guides or buyer guides, or even whitepapers.

To us, a guide is normally a ten, 12-page document that helps someone learn about a product, service, maybe an industry or a market. So it might help you choose your next TV or maybe even your next career. Whitepapers tend to be a little bit more technical. Maybe they’re ten, 20, 30 pages in length and they really, really go in-depth in a particular subject, maybe drilling down on how a product was conceived and developed, and then tested and introduced into the market. Something like that.

But there are three distinct reasons why I just love the free guide concept. They’re great lead generators. All you need to do is put a little lead capture form in front of that content. Maybe just ask for somebody’s name and email address to get this free download. Or if it’s a really spectacular piece of content, maybe that whitepaper or whatever you feel it’s got a little more value, you can ask a few more qualifying questions. But either way you’re building your list and you’re building your leads.

They also tend to attract links. So we’ve got example after example where these kinds of pieces of content have generated dozens if not hundreds of backlinks pointing to it. If you think about it, it’s exactly what a webmaster or a blogger is willing to send their traffic and their customers to, an awesome piece of content.

They also have a really nice, hopefully long lifespan. They become the perfect evergreen content. We’ve got a few cases where we’ve built free guides for our clients five or six years ago, and maybe we’ve freshened them up once or twice along the way. But they’re sitting out there just generating leads, and ultimately revenue and links for their websites well after they’re originally created.

So an investment of maybe $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 can have almost an immediate payback, and after that it’s sitting there working for you. It’s generating those leads, links and hopefully revenue for your business, and that’s why I love free guides and whitepapers.

Arnie Kuenn

Arnie Kuenn is an internationally recognized SEO and Content Marketing expert, speaker and author. His latest book is Content Marketing Works: 8 Steps to Transform your Business. In 2006, Arnie founded Vertical Measures, a highly respected PPC, SEO and Content Marketing agency. He is on Twitter at @ArnieK +Arnie Kuenn