The Goldfish Conundrum: Why Does Long-Form Content Perform Better, When We Can’t Pay Attention to Anything Anymore?

The Goldfish Conundrum: Why Does Long-Form Content Perform Better, When We Can’t Pay Attention to Anything Anymore?

Before we begin, let the record reflect that I don’t have any answers. Not data-driven ones, anyway. I have opinions, which I will share later in this post (and I would love to hear yours, too). But if you came here seeking answers to the inherent contradiction this article examines, I’m telling you upfront: I don’t have it.

Let’s move on.

How Long-Form Content Performs Better

Long-form content does better on every level, yet no one reads anything anymore. How can that be?


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This closes our blog post portion of the evening

If you’re still reading this – hey, thanks! I appreciate you.

So, what’s to do? I don’t know. Google favors long-form content, and at least some of your audience is reading it, even if it’s only a small percentage. Your best bet is to create content that:

  1. Best serves your audience for where they are in the buyer’s journey
  2. Best serves your business goals
  3. Quickly delivers the right information at the right time
  4. Has a good mix of long- and short-form
  5. Is a compelling and clickable headline
  6. Where natural and appropriate, comes with a strong opinion

Final word: Please never, ever pad your content with filler to reach a certain word count. It is always better to do 500 words well than 1,000 poorly. Fluff is horrible.

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