What Will I Learn in a Content Marketing Workshop?

What Will I Learn in a Content Marketing Workshop?

If your business is making attempts to bring some of your content marketing efforts in-house, a customized training workshop can be very valuable.

If you’re the head of marketing or one of your organization’s leaders, setting expectations with your content trainer(s) will be key. A good content marketing speaker or educator will be able to customize the workshop to the specific pain points your company is having with digital marketing.

What are your Content Marketing Objectives?

A content marketing workshop can be condensed to a specific portion of online marketing — such as search engine optimization (SEO) or editing strategies — or be a full-day intensive training session with your larger organization. Some common objectives that teams want to learn about include:

  • Creating your content marketing strategy
  • Coming up with ideas for online content
  • Writing SEO-friendly content for the web
  • Improving existing content so that it can rank in search engines
  • Building your content marketing team
  • Advertising online with Google, Bing, or Facebook

Once you and your trainer know your objectives for the training course, your trainer should work with you to gather available information such as:

  • Analytics and past results from your website
  • Current content calendar
  • Current strategy or campaigns
  • Examples of content or e-mails in your pipeline

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Benefits of a Content Marketing Workshop

A workshop that is personalized for your team can jumpstart your marketing efforts and convince doubters. I’ve seen many instances where an organization has a content marketing believer or evangelist, but they struggle to get buy-in from others internally. Simply bringing in a content marketing expert to reinforce and expand upon the ideas from the internal evangelist can be effective in getting your company to the next phase.

In addition to confirming your strategic plans, a content marketing workshop will benefit your team because you’ll learn:

  • why content marketing is critical for any business
  • how people use the Internet to research problems and products
  • how to develop your own processes for content ideation, editing, and publishing
  • the best content approaches for your target audience(s)

How we Approach Online Marketing Training

When I started at Vertical Measures three years ago, we gave a lot of what I call “lecture” workshops. We walked attendees through our content marketing process and showed them tactical best practices they could take back to their companies.

While lectures can be effective for conferences and events, I’ve seen that “interactive” workshops are much more effective for smaller groups. We take that same “tactical” approach, but we help attendees leave the workshop with an actual, detailed plan of their own.

Interactive workshops — which we have been doing more and more of in the past 12 months — help workshop attendees actively participate in the learning process. We conduct a variety of exercises, including:

  • Goal alignment: One of the most exciting parts of any workshop is hearing how different groups within a single organization view their roles and goals. A content marketing training session can really help align everyone’s vision and understanding.
  • Mind mapping: Good content marketing requires ideas — lots of them. Mind mapping is a brainstorming exercise where everyone in the workshop has a chance to get creative. We set up multiple tables, each with a distinct topic, and we ask attendees to jot down any semblance of a thought on the various maps. Using others’ ideas can help generate related ideas and topics. We usually see 50-100 ideas germinate in a matter of minutes using this exercise.

 mindmap brainstorming

Source: mindmeister.com


  • Customer journey mapping: One of the light bulb moments in many of our workshops comes when we talk about aligning content with the customer’s journey. That requires getting information from folks across your organization, so you can paint a picture of what that journey looks like. Once you know broadly the steps your prospects take to become a customer, we have a map that can dictate where content gaps and opportunities are.

customer journey map

Source: https://marketoonist.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/160404.customermap.jpg

  • Keyword research and content ideation: We strive to teach companies how they can use free and low-cost tools to maximize their chances for content success. We’ll teach you how to focus your ideation efforts, and we’ll help you develop the all-important skillset of creating SEO-friendly titles. In a hands-on workshop, you’ll actually go through our proven process and leave with a handful of ideas for content you can create now.
  • Hub and spoke planning: As your content marketing efforts mature, we want to start connecting the pieces. An extremely fruitful content marketing workshop will help your team develop a content calendar for several months to come. Imagine if you walked out of a workshop with the confidence that you’d be developing a series of content pieces that will make your company an authority on a given subject and drive leads.

As the demand and expectation for high-quality content increases, organizations are realizing they can’t outsource all of their digital marketing efforts. So how do you start to bring the necessary skills in-house? Working with an experienced trainer to architect a customized content marketing workshop for your team can be a fun, creative, and worthwhile effort for your business.

Drew Eastmead

Drew leads Vertical Measures' training and education efforts, including our Content Coaching services. He has 13 years of digital experience, including 10 in New York City, where he managed several large-scale websites. Today, he arms clients with the latest content marketing knowledge and skills to compete in the digital space. @dreweastmead