What Makes an Infographic Design Bad & How To Improve It [INFOGRAPHIC]

What Makes an Infographic Design Bad & How To Improve It [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you heard it from us or you saw it while scouring the internet, the fact remains the same: you need to diversify to make your blog as successful as it can be.

What that means is that you can’t sit there and just produce the same, generic 800-word piece of content week after week. Although that may be the most practical – and affordable – option, it isn’t in your website’s best interest.

To help you diversify, we suggest developing creative visual content like videos and strong imagery to help break up the monotonous blocks of text in your plain text articles. More specifically, we recommend infographics. What makes infographics so great is that they can take – let’s be honest – boring information and present it in a way that is appealing to an internet culture where you have a very limited amount of attention to work with.

That’s not to say that simply putting globs of information into a graphic automatically makes it an asset. It’s a whole lot easier to create a pointless or overcrowded infographic than it is a meaningful, powerful graphic with a great CTA.

Variations in color, design, and consistency can be subtle, but those design elements can be the difference between a successful infographic and a dud.

Whether you are creating infographics yourself or working with a designer, these foundational principles will help build the basic structures for a clear and clean infographic that will let your visual content shine!

What Makes A Bad Infographic and How To Make It Better

Infographic created by Erin Pritchard

Resources for Color Palettes

Adobe Kuler
Color Scheme Designer

Resources for Combining Fonts

Ask H&FJ
Smashing Magazine
TypeConnection: A Typographic Dating Game

Resources to find great infographics

FastCo.Design: Infographic of the Day
Visual News
Column Five

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