What is Content Coaching and How Can It Help My Business?

What is Content Coaching and How Can It Help My Business?

A quick Google search displays 294 million results for “content marketing resources.” But here’s a quick secret: The best content marketing resources are the ones you already have: your employees!

It’s true that researching content marketing best practices and finding external resources like blog posts and checklists will be valuable. However, if you aren’t able to leverage your internal resources — your colleagues — your content marketing program will fall flat.

No one knows your business, your products, and your services better than you do. This is why your best content marketing resources are your teammates. Your best #contentmarketing resources are your teammates. Click To Tweet If you can motivate them to consistently produce high-quality content, it will be the kind of robust, authoritative content that will perform well online.

Avoid Cookie-Cutter Prescriptions for your Content Challenges

Let’s go back to those 294 million content marketing resources. They present at least two primary challenges:

  1. That’s more content than anyone could consume in a lifetime. It is absolutely jarring how many blog posts, free guides, tips, and advice there is online about how to “do content marketing.” Where should you even start?
  2. More importantly, the bulk of those resources assume that businesses can take a cookie-cutter approach and therefore succeed at content marketing by documenting your strategy, knowing your audience, and then producing engaging, relevant content! Yawn. Those three tips are commonplace at this point, and they may or may not apply to your business, because content marketing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Most information about content marketing also does not educate you about the intangibles, such as:

  • Why should I adopt a content marketing mindset?
  • How do I transform my organization’s culture so we have a culture of content?
  • How can my team be involved?

How can you train your colleagues so that they understand how, why, when, and where to produce and distribute your content? You and your team could take content marketing training classes, attend educational webinars, or travel to conferences, but again you will run into the challenge of cookie-cutter “solutions” being presented.

Content Coaching is Customized to Your Business

Your business is unique, your challenges are unique, and your set of resources is unique. Not all content marketing principles and strategies will work for you. For all these reasons, we believe in a two-pronged approach to content marketing called Content Coaching.

With Content Coaching, we combine your expertise and passion about your products and services, with our expertise in content marketing. It provides you with a guide on your content journey, who will be with you every step of the way, tailoring his or her ongoing recommendations to your website and your business. You can ask your Coach questions or use them as a sounding board for your digital marketing ideas.

The Content Coaching approach streamlines content production and drives bottom-line results faster than if:

  • Your team attempted to overcome common content marketing roadblocks, without any guidance
  • You hired external resources to create all of your content for you

The problem with the latter is that agencies and freelance writers can struggle to capture your company’s personality, your tone, and your mission. They may be able to help you with some of your top-of-funnel content, but your knowledge about your industry will help you create truly valuable middle- and bottom-of-funnel content that can outperform your competitors’ content.

Less than half of marketers believe their organization’s content is effective. Do you think marketers would have more confidence in their content if their own colleagues — from sales to customer service — were helping to create content? What if they could be trained on all things content marketing?

How a Guide Can Help You Succeed in Content Marketing

Although there are no shortcuts to content marketing, you can fast-track your content success by working with a dedicated Content Coach, who is well-versed in all things digital. Your Coach will:

  • Help you sift through all the content marketing advice that’s out there and create a customized plan for your business
  • Motivate your team and keep you accountable
  • Fine-tune your content strategy so that it fits your unique business model

You may have heard the Chinese proverb that says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This is our goal with Content Coaching — to give you and your team the knowledge, training, skills, and confidence to successfully execute your own content marketing program.

Content Coaching works best when your business has a pool of resources who will:

  • stay committed for at least 12 months
  • want to learn all about content marketing and ask questions
  • create valuable content on a consistent basis
  • update your website every week

How Content Coaching Works

Content Coaching consists of two primary components: weekly coaching sessions and training classes. With this approach, we combine strategic online marketing lessons with tactical guidance.

Scheduled coaching meetings provide 1:1 time with your Content Coach. Together, we’ll review your content, discuss execution, plan next steps, and devise strategies. Your Content Coach will meet with you several times each month to ensure your content marketing program is staying on track. The Coach will provide guidance and mentorship, but it will be up to you and your team to do the hard work and produce much of the content that will fuel your online efforts.

Our subject matter experts will host and lead regular training classes, which will educate you and your team on concepts from across the content marketing landscape. Your team will:

  • develop a shared baseline of understanding
  • gain exposure to all facets of content marketing
  • learn to think strategically about content

Content marketing is hard, but our Content Coaching program can be the differentiating factor in your success. By leveraging your internal teammates’ industry knowledge with our expertise in content marketing, we have a winning formula for content success.

Content Marketing Coaching

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Drew Eastmead

Drew leads Vertical Measures' training and education efforts, including our Content Coaching services. He has 13 years of digital experience, including 10 in New York City, where he managed several large-scale websites. Today, he arms clients with the latest content marketing knowledge and skills to compete in the digital space. @dreweastmead