Should I Consider Video Blogs In Addition to Written Content Next Year? [VIDEO]

Should I Consider Video Blogs In Addition to Written Content Next Year? [VIDEO]

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Ben Holland answers: “Should I Consider Video Blogs In Addition to Written Content Next Year?”

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Hi, I’m Ben. I’m an Account Manager here at Vertical Measures, and today I’m going to answer a question we get a lot. “Should I consider using video in blogs, in addition to written content next year?” So many people ask, “Why should I use video?” Well, it’s taking over. A Cisco study said that by 2016, over half of the Internet’s traffic will be video content.

It also allows you to show instead of tell your topic. You can go out and set up examples. You can use hand gestures, you can point to different areas, and it also allows you to have your personality come out better than reading words. Your sarcasm or your humor can be hard to convey through text, but it’s much easier through video.

In my humble opinion, every single picture on your website should be a video. It’s the exact same thing as a picture, except when you click on it, it turns into a message that you can convey to the user. Video is now cheaper and easier to use than ever. You can use your phone, your iPad, or even a handheld camera to take very high quality, HD video and place it on your site.

Different users want different types of content. Some people may like to read. Other people want to ingest it through their eyes and ears. Instead of reading, they can watch and listen to it, and get the content in the same way that they prefer. It’s also much better on mobile. There’s a much higher retention rate of content when you’re viewing it on your mobile phone through video as opposed to reading text on the small screens.

So, you’ve made the decision to implement video on your website, but you don’t know how. Well, it’s quite easy. There are lots of video hosts out there like YouTube, Vimeo, and that allow you to place your content on their site, and then it’s searchable on that site. Then you can embed it onto your site using a simple embed code.

These services also provide you with analytics so you can see who’s watching your video, when they’re watching it, and when they stop watching your video so you can better optimize your videos. Then, when you’re done with your video, you can transcribe it and place it below so all of your content is then searchable from the crawlers on the search engines.

They’re going to go through, and they’ll be able to track every word you say on your video because it’s transcribed below. You also want to place your video all over your social networks. Facebook has a specific section just for video, and you can link to your videos on Twitter and other social platforms to get your videos out there and spread viraly.

Have your message go from different parts of the internet to all instead of being stationary on your own website. You can also get a video site map and submit it to Google so your videos are indexed and show up during Google video searches.

So, in summary, should you use video content in your blog in the upcoming year? Yes, definitely. It’s becoming more and more popular. If you don’t use it, you’re going to be left behind. Many companies have been doing it since 2008 or 2007. It gives your users different ways of digesting your content. They can read it, they can listen to it, and they can see it.

It helps build your persona, your personality. People get to see your face, hear you talk, as opposed to reading your words, and it can optimize your social content and spread out viraly through the internet. I’m Ben Holland with Vertical Measures, have a great day.

Ben Holland

Ben Holland is an Account Manager with a background in Website Design, SEO and Management. At Vertical Measures, he maintains campaigns with the strong belief that quality is better than quantity. He is also responsible for providing a report of a client’s web presence including an on-site analysis, social media research and their position in the top search engines for targeted keywords. Outside the world of internet marketing Ben enjoys playing basketball, softball and most sport related activities. Ben has been Featured on such websites as Yahoo!, Search Engine Journal, SEO Copy Writing and Business 2 Community.