The Top Performing Vertical Measures Blog Posts of 2011

The Top Performing Vertical Measures Blog Posts of 2011

The Top Performing Vertical Measures Blog Posts of 2011

Over the past year, we’ve had hundreds of blog posts. But, every so often one of our staff lights up the Internet with a stellar post. These are our top performing staff blog posts of the year based on views, social sharing and engagement. Enjoy!

Infographic: The Authority Building Machine

By Dan Dannenberg  

This post was a team effort. We spent quite a bit of time drilling down the key things that build your site authority. Our graphic designer, Dan Dannenberg, visualized it perfectly as the Authority Building Machine!

Facebook Promotion: Developing a Like Campaign

By Kaila Strong

Although this blog post fell on April Fool’s Day, the subject matter is no joke! Our social media maven, Kaila Strong, discusses how to develop a like campaign for your business.

HTML 5 and SEO: New Strategies for Optimizing Code

By David Gould

Web developer, David Gould, is often ahead of the curve on the latest technology. In this post, he dives into HTML5 and how to optimize for SEO with this new code.

Ranking in Facebook Search – Take Notice

By Kaila Strong

Once again, Kaila Strong emphasizes the importance of Facebook and social signals for rankings. Take notice of this post about ranking in Facebook search.

Pinterest: A New Social Media Platform or Another Addicting Distraction?

By Sarah Schager

Sarah Schager is always on top of the latest trends in social media. She jumped on Pinterest when it was first released and shared this blog post, which turned out to be our highest traffic driver that month!

How Guest Blogging Can Send Your Brand and Reputation Straight to Hell

By Guest Blogger, Gerald Weber

We love our guest bloggers! Especially when they write an awesome post like this for us. This post, ironically about guest blogging, is by Gerald Weber, president of Search Engine Marketing Group.

5 Storytelling Tips to Create Engaging Content

By Arnie Kuenn

This blog post is an excerpt from Arnie Kuenn’s book, Accelerate! He covers 5 easy ways to come up with stories for your business.

Nine in Ten Organizations Market with Content, Does Yours?

By Sarah Moraes

In this blog post, I share some staggering numbers from a 2010 study by MarketingProfs and Junta42. If you haven’t checked out the study, you definitely should. Or just read my post!

What is Cyber Monday and How Do I Prepare My Website for It?

By Sarah Schager

If you don’t know what Cyber Monday is, you are missing out, especially if you have an e-commerce site. Sarah Schager shares six key tactics to get your site ready for this huge shopping day!

Schema.Org: Tell Search Engines What Your Content Means

By David Gould

This blog post brought a sigh of relief to our readers, as David Gould explains how Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft created the Schema.Org initiative, a collaboration to create a uniform standard for HTML markup.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our blog posts over this past year and that you’ll continue to follow us in 2012! We’ve already got hundreds of ideas for posts next year, but please tell us what you’d like to read about in the comments below.

Sarah Moraes

Sarah Moraes, Marketing Manager, heads the tactical planning and implementation of cross-platform marketing activities for Vertical Measures including; blogging, social media marketing, webinars, content marketing, email marketing and promotions. In addition, she published the Local Search Marketing for Business How-To-Guide, a part of the Vertical Measures How-To-Guide Series. +Sarah Moraes