What Are Tips To Create Web Content That Drives Conversions? [VIDEO]

What Are Tips To Create Web Content That Drives Conversions? [VIDEO]

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Watch today’s video to find out five steps you can take to engage your fans and followers with innovative web content. From engagement follows possible conversions, so by following these tips, you will have a better chance at gaining new customers through your online content development.


Hi. My name’s Maggie Walsh. I’m a content writer, here at Vertical Measures. Today, we’re going to go over 5 tips for creating web content that drives conversions.

What are the keys to creating web content to drive your business? The first step is to be relevant and authoritative. The goal is to become an authoritative resource for consumers, to encourage them to become customers of your business. To do this, you want to create content that’s relevant to your niche, and also targets your intended audience. By producing relevant content to your specialization, your company can begin to build its reputation that correlates with your overall brand message.

The next thing to remember is that your title matters. Keep your title short and sweet, under 65 characters is preferable, as they don’t get cut off by the search engines. Also, make sure to front-load your titles with your targeted keywords. This just means making sure that the first words in your title are your keywords. Also, make it as predictable as possible for the readers, as most people don’t want to read anything they don’t think will answer their questions.

Our third tip is to start out strong. The goal is for readers to see what’s most important first. Typically, this is called the inverted pyramid structure. It’s different from the traditional writing structure, as it requires the conclusion to come first, as readers can see the most important information at the top. This helps readers decide if they want to keep reading, or if they need to find a new resource. Furthermore, if you front-load each paragraph, including your keywords and the main topics in the first few sentences, it gives readers the opportunity to get an overview of the article quickly.

The next step is to make your content social. One of the first steps to creating social content is doing the research and finding out what people in your niche are already talking about; the more people who are already talking about it, the more people who’ll be willing to share. People must be willing to share your content, but don’t hesitate to ask them to. By breathing some life into your content and encouraging discussion, more people will share, and it will spread around the internet faster. Make it easy to share your content with making sure that Twitter, Facebook, any other buttons are accessible on your site and easy for users to see.

The fifth tip we have is to invest in creative visuals. Visuals draw people in and give them insight into your brand’s identity. Most people like to visualize concepts rather than read them, and this can actually improve viewer engagement. Create videos or infographics that provide value and interesting information to your target audiences. This can spice up traditional blog post, and provide entertainment to readers. If there isn’t enough information for a traditional infographic, data graphics are another great option to use. A simple visual representation of any relevant statistics or facts can greatly improve the visual appeal of a blog post.

There are many ways to develop engaging content, but it’s important to consider the steps we talked about today, to ensure visitors return to your site and you become an authoritative source in your niche. This also inturn will turn these visitors into consumers of your business.

Maggie Walsh

Maggie joins the Vertical Measures as an Internet Marketing Specialist with a background in broadcast journalism and has been able to use those experiences to develop and execute effective strategies of Search Engine Optimization for clients of all types. By coming up with creative practices to find beneficial and relevant link placements, Maggie is able to enhance and diversity our client’s web presence. With her bachelor’s degree in journalism, Maggie has an extensive writing and reporting background specifically in the sports realm. In her free time, Maggie enjoys exploring and traveling to different destinations as well as any and all sports related fun.