The Weekly Measure: Guest Posting, Panda 2.0 update, & the Future of Marketing

The Weekly Measure: Guest Posting, Panda 2.0 update, & the Future of Marketing


The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.


25 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes (& What You Do About Them!!)

Heidi Cohen of shares 25 biggest lead generation mistakes and what to do about them as suggested by industry experts. According to Jason Falls of CafePress, it’s a big mistake to not target in granular ways to attract leads. According to Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures, the biggest mistake is asking too much information off the bat from a lead form. Read the entire article for more of these mistakes.

Guest Posting Remains An Important Part Of Content Marketing

Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting explains how guest posting remains an important part of content marketing. Enge suggests avoiding the old tactics with guest posting such as too much anchor text, money exchanged or placing content on low quality sites. According to Enge, quality guest posting is done through reputation and branding, relevance, targeting the highest possible authority sites, and more!

Bacon, Burritos, and the Future of Marketing

Hannah Smith of Distilled shares thoughts on bacon, burritos, and the future of marketing. Smith reminisces about keyword density being a thing and how strongly weighted anchor text was. The explosion of wearable tech, mobile usage, and TV on the internet has changed the future of marketing.

Overcoming the 7 Greatest Content Marketing Challenges of 2014

Chad Pollitt of digitalrelevance explains the 7 greatest content marketing challenges of 2014. Pollitt attributes the challenges to limited staff, limited budget, creating enough content on a regular basis, finding the best sources to create amazing content, organizational culture, measurement, and promotion of content.

The MnSearch Summit Interview Series: Arnie Kuenn

Grant Tilus of Collegis Education interviewed Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures about the digital marketing landscape. Kuenn looks forward to the gatherinf of industry folks as well as speaking at the summit. Kuenn also speaks to the ever changing world of link building, and how Google’s changes have impacted that part of the industry.


Is Pay-Per-Click Still Relevant in the Age of Inbound Marketing?

Dan Levy of Sparksheet wants to know if pay-per-click is still relevant in the age of inbound marketing. According to Peep Laja, PPC can still drive a lot of traffic, and is a great way to scale the use of your channels. Matt Hessler believes there is no substitute for the ability to market for your exact product or service.

When Bad PPC Advice Is Good Advice

Melissa Mackey of gyro shares when bad PPC advice is good advice. Mackey suggests that sometimes you should spend more on PPC, that is – if it is converting, sometimes broad match is necessary for PPC, and more!

Save Time & Increase Performance Through Bid & Budget Automation

Jeff Baum of Hanepin Marketing explains how to save time & increase performance through bid & budget automation. Baum suggests using the BBM (bid & budget management) as bidding becomes real-time, and use the allotted budget. Results through a case study showed cost per conversion decreased & conversions increased.

Google shopping explained: how to get started

Christopher Ratcliff of Econsultancy explains how to utilize and get started with Google shopping. Ratcliff suggests using Google shopping for better site traffic and higher click through rates. To get started, make sure to have an AdWords account as well as a Merchant Centre account as suggested by Ratcliff.


Facebook hopes marketers like Audience Insights

Richard Byrne Reilly of Venture Beat explains Facebook’s hopes of marketers liking audience insights. Byrne explains Mark Zuckerberg’s claims of loyalty to Facebook, and the release of audience insights for marketers. According to Byrne, marketers will be able to track geography, demographics, and purchase behavior.

10 Ways to Get Live Viewers for Your Google Hangouts On Air             G+

Ryan Hanley of Content Warfare shares 10 ways to get live viewers for your Google Hangouts On Air. Hanley suggests the ability to broadcast live to YouTube makes Hangouts On Air the future of broadcasting. Hanley suggests using consistent branding, creating eye-catching headlines, tracking your audience, asking friends to share, creating audience reminders, and more!

“Google Hangouts on Air take audience-building to the extreme by providing a two-way experience between you and your audience.” – Ryan Hanley, Content Warfare

10 Steps To Use LinkedIn for Small Business

Gerry Moran of Marketing Think shares 10 steps to using LinkedIn for small businesses. According to Moran, a LinkedIn profile has become the new business card. Moran suggests creating a LinkedIn company page, running your persona and small business page as a PPC campaign, participating in groups with local ties, beginning to blog on LinkedIn, and more valuable tips!

Pinterst Launches First Paid Ads With Kraft, Gap and Others

Cotton Delo of Advertising Age shares the latest advertising news from Pinterest. According to Delo, Pinterest has begun to use well known brands such as Kraft and Gap to monetize the platform. The previously tested promoted pins will begin advertising for Pinterest partners according to Delo.


New Google softer Panda update 2.0 hits media sites hard

Patrick Altoft explains that the softer Panda update from July 2013 was designed to take into account the authority of sites to ensure good rankings from good quality content, and that the impact of this update was not felt as intended. The latest Panda 2.0 update results suggest that media sites had so much authority, that they benefited far too much from that previous update.

SEO is Dead: Long Live OC/DC

Sean Jackson of Copyblogger shares thoughts on SEO being dead, and the emphasis on OC/DC. Jackson explains that the term SEO, not the practice is dead. The substitute is OC/DC, or optimizing content for discovery and conversion across a wide spectrum of the web. Jackson suggests OC/DC should be defined by both external and on-site optimization.

Google Readies For Flood of Removal Requests After EU “Right To Be Forgotten” Ruling

Greg Sterling of Search Engine Land shares the latest news about Google readying for a flood of removal requests after “Right To Be Forgotten” ruling. According to Sterling, the ruling provided a right to individuals to request removal of unflattering or undesired information about themselves in search results. This ruling may have an effect on social media reputation as well according to Sterling.

4 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site While Under a Google Penalty   4 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site While Under a Google Penalty

Ardala Evans of Vertical Measures gathered information from the team to provide 4 ways to drive traffic to your site while under a Google Penalty. David Gould suggests creating new, quality content as well as improving existing content. Zach Etten suggests creating engaging, helpful content to elevate your brand. Sarah Schager suggests driving traffic through social media promotion. Kaila Strong suggests using a variety of tactics to build natural links to your site. Brynna Baldauf suggests using great tools to pull a list of backlinks, then create a strategy to recover from a Manual Penalty.


Google’s Matt Cutts Regrets Not Acting Faster On Paid Links & Content Farms

Barry Schwartz writing on Search Engine Roundtable shares the latest thoughts from Google’s Matt Cutts on regretting to act faster on paid links and content farms. Schwartz explains how Matt Cutts wished he took action sooner on paid links that pass page rank. Along the same lines, taking action on content farms that are too spammy through internal complaints from the community was taken later than it should have been taken.

Bing: Link Spam Killing Links & Google: Links Still Matter

Barry Schwartz writing for Search Engine Roundtable explains some thoughts about  Bing’s Duane Forrester stating ‘you shouldn’t know where your links are coming from’ as being awesome advice. Thus, this thinking has lead to conclusions of links being less relevant to Bing. Google suggests links still matter, but must be done naturally.

Link Building: The Steroids of SEO

Craig Sutton of Search Engine People explains how link building is the steroid of SEO. Sutton suggests 4 similarities between link building and steroids. According to Sutton, building links works…till you get caught, if you didn’t have them before, don’t expect to get it back without them, too much can kill you, and everybody else is doing it.


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