The Weekly Measure: Top Internet Marketing News, Tools, & Events-March 14, 2014

The Weekly Measure: Top Internet Marketing News, Tools, & Events-March 14, 2014


The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.


5 Tips for Quality Content Creation That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Heidi Cohen of Riverside Marketing Strategies shares 5 tips for quality content creation that won’t bust your budget. Perform a company-wide content audit to determine what effective content your company already has, and where you can improve. Develop a company-wide editorial calendar to improve content-cost quality. Plan your content creation efforts in advance in order edit pieces to extend your budget as well. Plan and distribute content effectively & efficiently as well as plan to track to your content marketing results.

Pros & Cons of Date Stamping Your Content   

Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures explains some pros & cons of date stamping your content. According to Kuenn, more than two million blog posts are written daily, thus date stamping is a way for users to gauge relevancy and newness. Date stamping is better for the audience, increases link opportunities, and ensures fresh content. The cons according to Kuenn, are potential loss of SEO value.

“It is clear that date stamping content has its pros and cons. Date stamping may be better for your audience in cases where the date is important, could lead to more link opportunities and will ensure your content is included in date-restricted searches.” – Arnie Kuenn, Vertical Measures

Is Your Content Like Spinach? 8 Ways to Make it Taste Like Chocolate Cake

Heidi Cohen of Riverside Marketing Strategies shares 8 ways to make your content taste like chocolate cake instead of spinach. Photos are a great way to appeal visually, along with videos, comics/cartoons, infographics, visual notes, presentations, eBooks, and activity books. Cohen suggests that even the most basic content can be lifted with a visual boost.

How Email Marketers Can Make Birthdays Come More Than Once A Year

Cara Olsen of DEG explains how email marketers can make birthdays come more than once a year. Olsen encourages the use of triggers, welcome emails or shopping cart offers. Make sure to perform analysis on a trigger with high-volume but low revenue per email to make the necessary changes on the campaign. By sending emails with great visuals and and offer for a free gift on your birthday, the email’s open rate is 34% higher than the average open rate. It’s important to create email campaigns with a high RPE, as well as boosting the volume of your subscribers for the best results.


26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

Melissa Mackey of gyro shares 26 free must have tools for PPC success. According to Mackey, you must have Adwords Editor, Google Analytics, AdWords Scripts, Google Plugin for Eclipse, Google Documents in Google Drive, and more! Mackey is convinced tools are good fixtures to any office.

An Introduction to Pivot Tables for PPC Analysis

Jackie Hole of shares an introduction to pivot tables for PPC analysis. According to Hole, a pivot table is a data summarization tool in data visualization programs. In the videos Hole shares here, you will learn how use pivot tables successfully. These tables will help you get the most out of your data according to Hole.

Improve PPC Performance Now: How To Take Advantage of Seasonality

John Lee of Clix Marketing explains how to improve PPC performance by taking advantage of seasonality. Seasonality helps your ads with relevancy according to Lee. Lee suggests considering the season, the nearest holiday to write your ads accordingly.

Google Tests Desktop-to-Mobile Retargeting With Brand Data

Tim Peterson of AdvertisingAge explains how Google tests desktop-to-mobile retargeting with brand data. According to Peterson, Google is pitching advertisers on a new kind of ad targeting to improve the tracking cookie. Google wants to improve tracking data from mobile use as the old method of cookies did not include mobile devices. Google will give advertisers a “hashed tag” that once used on a website will show targeted ads, thus allowing brands to target people.


6 Social Media Analytics Tools for Merchants

Paul Chaney of Chaney Marketing Group shares 6 social media analytics tools for merchants. Social Report is a great tool for tracking data from eBay, Etsy, and Shopify. Social Mention tracks real time search for blogs, microblogs, and more! Simply Measured tracks data from Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Cyfe is an all-inclusive tool encompassing features of the other tools. Finally, Sprout Social is an analytics dashboard tracking Twitter and other social stats.

Building A Social Business: 10 Questions

David Nour of The Nour Group, Inc. shares and answers 10 questions about building a social business. According to Nour, you want to be learning, listening, using analytics, testing, unique, searchable, co-creating content, cultivate relationships, human, and cultivate your community. Nour suggests staying away from turning social businesses into personal billboards.

After its News Feed redesign, Facebook introduces Streamlined Pages

Lauren Hockenson of GIGAOM explains Facebook’s news feed redesign and streamlined pages. According to Hockenson, Facebook rolls out streamlined pages for businesses after a scaled-back redesign of the news feed was announced. Hockenson suggests these changes are a result of a better look for businesses to utilize.

Twitter Tests a ‘Click-to-Call’ Button for Ads

Yoree Koh of Wall Street Journal explains Twitter’s testing of a ‘click-to-call’ button for ads. According to Koh, Twitter wants to be in direct competition with Google and Yelp’s call features already launched. Twitter wants its fast maturing advertising platform to stay innovative.


12 Ways to Increase Traffic From Google Without Building Links

Cyrus Shepard of Moz shares 12 ways to increase traffic from Google without building links. Some include: creating in-depth articles, improving user satisfaction, adding rich snippets from structured data, ensuring video optimization, setting up Google Authorship, and more.

“The job of the Technical SEO becomes more complex each year, but we also have more opportunities now than ever. It’s easy to think nothing is new in SEO, or that SEO is easy, or that Google will simply figure out our sites. Nothing is further from reality. The truth is, we have work to do.” – Cyrus Shepard, Moz

Knowledge Graph Optimization

AJ Kohn of Blind Five Year Old explains the importance of Knowledge Graph Optimization (KGO). According to Kohn, it’s about searching for things not strings. Kohn suggests writing clearly so both humans and Google know what you’re talking about.

Google Does Review Every Reconsideration Request

Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable references a video from Google’s Matt Cutts a couple of years ago about reconsideration requests. Despite comments on Google’s Webmasters threads, Google does review every reconsideration request. You may receive an automated response, but your request has been read by humans.

4 Ways to Avoid Getting Hit By Negative SEO or New Unnatural Links

Glenn Gabe of G-Squared Interactive shares 4 ways to avoid getting hit by negative SEO or new unnatural links. According to Gabe, there are some critical methods for tracking new unnatural inbound links. 1) Google Webmaster Tools ‘Latest Links’ tab shows you the top linking domains to your site 2) Majestic SEO’s “new” links section lets you check your trending links for being unnatural 3) Open Site Explorer “Just Discovered” tab can show you the latest domains linking to your site as well.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Name Anchor Tag

Amanda DiSilvestro of explains a beginner’s guide to the name anchor tag. According to DiSilvestro, a name anchor tag is a piece of code you can attach to a link, and when they click that link, they are taken to a different section of your website. The URL becomes unique, visitors don’t need to scroll, it helps keep content organized, and Google likes it. When using WordPress to code your website, make sure you code name anchor tags correctly according to DiSilvestro.


Link Building Tactics I’m Focusing on this 2014

Jason Acidre of Xight Interactive shares link building tactics for 2014. One method is Scalable Reverse Engineering by using tools like Fresh Web Explorer and to “spy” on your competitor’s link marketing activities. Consider using HARO to respond to questions and queries from publishers and journalists. Also, improve linker outreach, content strategy, & build traffic generators.

How to Use Passive Link Detection

Michael Martinez of Reflective Dynamics explains how to use passive link detection. Look at the RPC Notification server log files for PING TRACKBACK links, look for referral traffic in analytics, look for article titles in webs search, search for your article URLs, & search for 1st sentences in each article. Martinez suggests using a combination of these methods to ensure finding as many links as possible.

How Links Pass Authority [INFOGRAPHIC]         How Link Pass Authority Infographic

Kaila Strong of Vertical Measures provides this great infographic drawn by Erin Pritchard about how links pass authority. According to Strong, nobody really knows how links pass authority, but this infographic breaks down the type of links as well as their authority. A website can have a valuable links, nofollow links, 301 redirect, a broken page (404), paid links, or too much exact match anchor text. Did you know 10-15% of PageRank on a page disappears before PageRank flows along to outlinks?

5 Unexpected Link Prospecting Tools, and How to Use Them

Pratik Dholakiya of E2M Solutions shares 5 unexpected link prospecting tools, and how to use them. Dholakiya recommends starting with HARO (Help A Reporter Out) to connect with journalist community, RealTime controlled by searches, and itself. Dholakiya suggests using these tools for a dramatic impact on link building outreach.


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