The Weekly Measure: Top Internet Marketing News, Tools, & Events-January 10, 2014

The Weekly Measure: Top Internet Marketing News, Tools, & Events-January 10, 2014


The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.


5 Tips for Promoting Your Great Content with Advertising

Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures shares 5 tips for promoting your content with advertising. Select the right content to promote first, select the right network for promotion, decide on useful measures of success, create compelling ad copy, and design your landing page with your KPIs in mind. Then, a must have is to track your campaigns effectively.

20 Contrarian Rules on Content Marketing from 20 Experts

Henley Wing of Buzzsumo interviewed 20 experts in content marketing who wanted to share their expertise. Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures, Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion, and Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute are just a few names included. They suggest in this order, “You need an SEO and link earning strategy,” “Talk about your competition… a lot,” & “Distribute your content on one channel only.”

How to Create Written Content that Generates Leads

Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media explains how to create content that will generate leads. Raise awareness at the top of the funnel, encourage consideration in the middle of funnel, and drive action at the bottom of the funnel.

“People work with those they know, like and trust. These aren’t just vague concepts. They’re specific parts of your conversion funnel. If there’s a problem with your funnel, you can fix it with specific tactics and specific topics.” – Andy Crestondina, Orbit Media

The Blueprint for a Real Content Marketing Plan

Aaron Kahlow of Online Marketing Institute shares a blueprint for a real content marketing plan. Get to know your audience, tie in buying cycle, audit your content assets, SWOT, plan your content, do social sharing & distribution, place ads & re-targeting, and analyze your measurements.

20 Marketing Statistics that Will Influence Decisions in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Brianna Smith of shares data via an infographic that you should take note in 2014. Internet Advertising will make up nearly 25% of the ad market by 2015. Nearly 50% of all companies have a content marketing plan.

5 Ways to Generate Great Content Without Writing A Lot

Ben Brausen of Top Rank Online Marketing shares ways to generate great content that doesn’t involve a lot of writing. Photos, infographics, audio, video, and animations all give value to your website.


Biggest Mistakes SEOs Make When Analyzing PPC Data                 Biggest Mistakes SEOs Make When Analyzing PPC Data

Zach Etten of Vertical Measures explains and shares the biggest mistakes SEOs make when analyzing PPC data. A higher CTR does not mean a better keyword. PPC impressions, clicks, and CTR are not Key-Performance-Indicators (KPIs), & PPC keywords are not search queries.

An SEO Beginner Guide: What Is Call Tracking and Why Should I Care?

Zoe-Lee Skelton of Receptional explains what call tracking is, and why you should care. Call tracking is a great way to track Google Adwords campaigns to your office via phone information provided. Call tracking data allows a business or person to see which campaigns are generating conversions. This process allows you in depth information into your customers needs.

4 Ways to Expand PLA Success in 2014

Kelly Wrather of Kenshoo explains 4 ways to expand PLA success in 2014. Refine bidding and optimization strategies, take advantage of new local-focused innovations, apply cross-channel knowledge, and don’t forget about the basics.

“PLAs have become a key component of driving online sales, and as the format becomes more sophisticated, retailers will continue to have more opportunities to take advantage of PLAs in 2014 and beyond.” – Kelly Wrather, Kenshoo

The 10 Minute PPC Audit

Craig Galyon of SwellPath explains how to perform a 10 minute PPC audit for accounts. Judge a book by its cover with settings, change history, automated rules, trending performance, campaign structure, Ad Copy testing, keyword match types, negative keywords, and ad extensions. According to Galyon, there is a time and a place for deeper analysis.

Why Online Customer Reviews Will Be More Important in 2014               Why Online Customer Reviews Will Be More Important in 2014

Amanda DiSilvestro of guest writes for Vertical Measures about the importance of online customer reviews. AdWords Review Extensions offer more insight in SERPs. Shared endorsements, Google+ reviews, & Yelp reviews are all great for traffic. Remember there are tips on how to generate positive reviews, and Google doesn’t tolerate fake reviews.


How to Know if Your Social Media Activities Are Working

Mike Bal of Single Grain shares some thoughts on ways to know if your social media activities are working. Review the posts tab on Facebook insights, use Twitter tools to expand your reach, & optimize your Pinterest activity.

Pinterest Beefs Up Its Search Chops With VisualGraph Acquisition

Matt McGee of Search Engine Land explains the latest precautions Pinterest has taken to make their search stronger. Pinterest has acquired VisualGraph, which is technology that targets through face, object, and shape/color recognition. Pinterest hopes using VisualGraph’s technology will help them understand what users are searching and pinning.

11 Web Marketing and Social Media Trends That Will Shape 2014

Stephanie Frasco of Convert of Content shares 11 trends in web marketing and social media. Mobile is about to go mainstream, niche sites will have an impact, blogging will remain the #1 way to generate new business, spammy content will be eliminated everywhere, Google+ will grown faster than ever, triggered emails will increase sales, and a few more!

How To Steal Your Competitor’s Social Media Followers

The folks at KISSMetrics share ways to steal your competitor’s social media followers. Start networking, analyze Facebook activity, analyze Twitter activity, then steal your competitors followers on Twitter and Google+.


How to Rank in Google in 2014: Questions Asked & Answered                 How to Rank in Google in 2014

Mike Huber of Vertical Measures asked and answered questions on how to rank in Google in 2014. Mike answers those burning questions about a site wide penalty by Google, what type of Google Ads to use for increasing traffic, and many more.

Rap Genius Recovery: Analyzing The Keyword Gains and Losses After The Google Penalty Was Lifted

The folks at GSQi The Internet Marketing Driver conducted analysis on the Rap Genius penalty and recent recovery. The penalty came on Christmas Day, in which Rap Genius saw their rankings plummet extremely fast. They were gaming the link building system by exchanging Tweets for links, thus Google’s Matt Cutts took a swift action. To recover, Rap Genius compiled a list of unnatural links to disavow at the specific domain level among other tactics.

Boost Your SEO With These 5 FREE Keyword Search Tools

Red Website Design shares some tools for better keyword research. Top five keyword research tools provided here… Wordstream Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, SEO Book Keyword Tool, Ubersuggest, and Keyword Eye. For Paid search research… MOZ, KeywordSpy, SEMrush, Keyword Discovery, and Advanced Web Ranking.

Storytelling Through Data: A New Bound Marketing & SEO Report Structure

Aaron Friedman of Kahena Digital Marketing explains how data can tell how well your efforts in SEO are going as well as how to structure the report. Rethink metrics, automate and standardize across teams, set up a template, standardize the report across the agency, and others!


Should you spend time on link removals?

Tim Grice of Branded3 shares thoughts on whether or not to spend time on link removals once your website has been hit by a Google penalty. Simply removing links isn’t enough according to statements from Google. Using the disavow tool helps Google track links that are unnatural.

14 Link Resolutions for 2014

Julie Joyce of Link Fish Media shares 14 link resolutions for 2014. Number one is to check out your backlink profile, keep a constant eye on your links, set up both Google’s and Bing’s Webmaster tools, take advantage of easy local wins if you have a local office; stop begin obsessed with metrics; if you’re going to use email for outreach – do it well; see at how your pages look in search engine results; ask someone to guest post on your own site; do some brainstorming; and reexamine your risk tolerance.

Why Your Business Needs a Link Building Strategy

Maddie Russell of Square Social explains why your business needs a link building strategy. According to Maddie, link building isn’t easy, your competition probably has a strategy, search engines love links, and link building truly works.

“Like all SEO services, link building takes time and effort; it isn’t a short time solution but a long term investment. You’ll convert more traffic if your links appear on relevant sites, so pick your link partners wisely.” – Maddie Russell, Square Social

Common Link Building Tactics That Are Hurting Your Search Rankings

Danielle Bartholomew of Stream Companies explains what NOT to do in link building. Danielle suggests to avoid building a website with bad content and one link. Mass directories, exchanging links, and forums can be a bad way to build links.

Link Building the Right Way in 2014

Chuck Price of Measurable SEO explains his thoughts on link building the right way in 2014. Don’t fear the Google reaper as links are still the best way to find content. Relevance is the new PageRank when searching for new link building opportunities. Link Schemes vs. Link Building is an important comparison to decipher in 2014.

Alternative Methods For Link Building

The folks at share some non-conventional ways to link build. Link building is still alive despite claims that social signals are more important. Get your content published in a trade magazine in your niche, conduct an interview with a government official, & more!


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