The Weekly Measure: Top Internet Marketing News, Tools, & Events-December 27, 2013

The Weekly Measure: Top Internet Marketing News, Tools, & Events-December 27, 2013


The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.


Why Content Strategy Is Foundational To Real-Time Marketing

Rebecca Lieb of Altimeter Group explains how HBO created a content strategy that was conducive to real-time marketing. Lieb also breaks down other businesses RTM strategies. Content strategy also aids in creation of the most anticipated content.

Google Hummingbird Friendly Content Marketing Tips

Tommy Landry of Return On Now shares some tips on creating content that is Google Hummingbird friendly. Remember, not all quality content is created equally. Create “Evergreen” content, educational content, Frequently Asked Questions, Problem/Solution, Case Studies, Social/Viral Materials, Top Tips, and In-depth Analysis.

“The bottom line on all of this is to keep creating quality content, and start thinking more about how you will provide context to help Google better rank it for open questions. Of course, as the social signals part evolves, we will see a whole new range of recommendations you can adopt.” – Tommy Landry, Return On Now

10 Tips for Integrating Content Marketing Into Your Business

Mani Karthik of Citrix Online explains how content marketing has become one of most reliable and effective tactics available to digital marketers. Building the right team makes all of the difference, challenge and rewrite marketing laws as we know them, define new goals, extend content marketing to build relationships, and many more!


Top 5 Ways to Use PPC Data to Improve Your SEO Results                      Top 5 Ways to Use PPC Data to Improve your SEO Results

Zach Etten of Vertical Measures explains top 5 ways to enhance PPC date for better SEO results. Enhance keyword research by using Adwords, target the right keywords, generate new content ideas, improve organic click-through-rate by setting up easy tests in Adwords, and discover potential sites for link building. Basically, having a PPC and SEO driven strategy will provide undeniable short and long-term benefits according to Zach.

7 Major Paid Search Lessons Retailers Learned in 2013

This article explains the important lessons retailers learned in paid search throughout 2013. Algorithm changes reinforced the need for paid search, similar audience targeting creates visitor doppelgangers, mobile results need better metrics, enhanced extension improves relevance, re-marketing lists for search ads brings back broad buyers, geo-targeting makes ‘cents’ to for all retailers, and dynamic re-marketing is a major win for retailers.

AdWords Bid Management And Account Structure Mistakes to Avoid

Frederick Vallaeys of Top Tier Marketing shares some common mistakes marketers make in AdWords bid management. Giving complete control to Google or a third-party is a mistake to avoid. Automating bids works for large accounts, and time management is a priority. Don’t monitor your keywords so closely that you miss a drop off in your money keyword. Changing bids, budget constrains, account structure issues, broad match keywords, round out the list of mistakes to avoid.


Top 10 Brands on Social Media in 2013

Colin Daileda of Mashable shares the top 10 brands on social media in 2013. Number one brand is Samsung, as they have 14 Million Fans on Facebook, 4 Million Followers on Twitter, and over 83 Million views on YouTube. Rounding out the top 3 is Walt Disney, and National Geographic.

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List with Social Media

Brian Honigman of Social Media Examiner shares some ways to grow your email list through social media. First, answer the question, “Why email?” 91% of consumers check their email everyday, thus a successful strategy is important. Use a simple sign-up form, preview premium content on your social channels, share an incentive for newsletter sign-ups, host webinars to gain subscribers, and hold a contest, sweepstakes, or a giveaway. Then promote on all of your social media channels to increase numbers on your email list.

The 10 Best Social Media Predictions for 2014

Chris Syme of CKSyme Media Group shares her predictions for social media in 2014. Expect real-time marketing, whether your real time is faster than my real time will no longer be a problem, word-of-mouth marketing will take off, user-generated content will be a hot commodity, short form content will dominate, niche interest networks will increase in prominence and usage, more visual, less text, and more.

2014 Will Be The Year To Lead With Analytics

Michael Brito of WCG explains the importance of analytics in the year 2014. When planning marketing programs, analytics will be the way for things to improve. Brito is convinced analytics leads to smarter media relations, effective storytelling, connections with real influencers, and delivering of real-time marketing.

Direct Measurement of Google Plus Impact on Search Rankings                G+

Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting conducted a study on Google Plus shares and search rankings. After picking 3 different websites for the study, the conclusion was that Google Plus shares do not have an effect on search rankings. The important take of the study was that it focused on causation over correlation to get results.

50 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest

Albert Costill of Search Engine Journal shares some facts about Pinterest that you should know. Despite users getting a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, it has been proven to help business due to it being one of the fastest growing sites ever. The average e-commerce order placed by somebody on Pinterest is $179 compared to Facebook $80 and Twitter $69.

13 Fascinating Social Media Statistics from 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic creatively shares the most fascinating social media statistics from 2013. For instance, there are more than 35 Million “Selfies” posted on Instagram. A Vine video is 4 times more likely to be seen than a regularly branded video.


5 “Foundations” Of SEO That Were Torched in 2013

Jenny Halasz of Archology explains 5 “foundations” of SEO that weren’t what they turned out to be. Keywords are the key search results, geo-located keywords are actually important, 302 redirects have a function for SEO, 404 Error Pages should be reserved for outdated pages, and links to you can’t hurt you.

The 5 Top SEO And Online Marketing Trends for 2014

Cheryl Conner of Forbes shares some thoughts on what to expect in SEO and Online Marketing in 2014. The ever changing Google search algorithm is tweaked everyday. Optimization for mobile or multiple screens will continue to be important. Local search competition on search engines will become more important. HTML 5 is used more than Flash, so make sure website use this format. As Pinterest usage grows, your personal usage should grow with it.

10 Essential WordPress Plugins to Improve SEO & Usability

Alex Moss of Firecask shares the best WordPress Plugins for SEO improvements and usability. WordPress SEO by Yoast, Simple URLs, RB Internal Links, NextGen Gallery and Lightbox Plus, Widget Logic, Members, Use Google Libraries, W3 Total Cache, Gravity Forms, and Twitter Feed Pro. These recommendations of plugins have been researched over a long time of WordPress use.

ASK THE EXPERTS: What SEO Subjects Will Be Surprisingly Important in 2014, and How Will You Use Them to Your Advantage?

Amanda DiSilvestro of asked some industry experts about what to expect in SEO in 2014. Some experts asked included Kaila Strong of Vertical Measures, Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting, & Neil Patel of Quicksprout. Longer blog content, inspiring links, mobile friendly websites and content, author rank, and many others will change SEO.


The 7 Types Of People Who Want To Help You Build Links

Casie Gillette of KoMarketing Associates explains the 7 types of people who want to help you build links. In link building, it is important to create actual relationships. Link to the people who mention your brand, but failed to link to you in the first place. Monitor social feeds or other editorial lists to link to those talking about you. One of the most powerful link building tools is your employees as they can share links. Linking to friends and family is a great way to build links. Customers, brand advocates, and partners and distributors also help in link building.

When You Have Bad Links Impacting Your Google Rankings, Which Do You Remove?

Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick and Search Engine Roundtable explains the importance of disavowing links that have badly impacted your website. Schwartz explains how it usually happens after utilizing a non-reputable SEO agency, and then Penguin hits the links that were created. Schwartz suggests disavowing links on the domain level.


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