The Weekly Measure: Top Internet Marketing News, Tools, & Events-April 18, 2014

The Weekly Measure: Top Internet Marketing News, Tools, & Events-April 18, 2014

The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.


Effectively Promoting Your Content Through Social Media              8-Steps-Main-Cycle-Medium

Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures shares how to effectively promote your content through social media. According to Kuenn, the first step is to determine what social channel you should use. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, & others all have ways to promote your content for your target audience whether free or for small advertising costs.

Great content isn’t enough: The power of platforms & distribution

Nicole Williams of Heinz Marketing explains great content isn’t enough with the power of platforms & distribution. Williams suggests creating a content strategy with a calendar implemented first, then proceeding to use the best types of media, and having the right tools for the job.

Content Marketing Haters Gonna Hate (And Why They’re Wrong)

Rebecca Lieb of Altimeter Group explains why content marketing haters are wrong to hate. Lieb debunks the claim that content marketing is just a meaningless buzzword as separate marketing disciplines require separate terminology. Lieb also debunks the claims of a stupid name or that you can’t measure it by acknowledging the available tools able to measure such a thing. Lieb also suggests that content marketing goes beyond storytelling through leadership and education.

What Is Your Content Marketing Aiming For? 5 Goals To Consider

Jayson DeMers of AudienceBloom shares 5 goals to consider for your content marketing strategy. DeMers suggests helping & educating, building a community, demonstrating your expertise, helping search engines help you, and keeping in touch with customers. Brainstorming with your team is a must according to DeMers.


5 Reasons SEO & PPC Work Better When Used Together    5 Reasons SEO and PPC Work Better When Used Together

Natalie Barreda of Vertical Measures shares 5 reasons SEO & PPC work better when used together. According to Barreda, you will be able to dominate search engine results page through getting as much as 89% of traffic from search ads, share performance data by running both Adwords and SEO efforts, use successful messaging to guide optimization & content strategy, use PPC to test organic keyword strategy, and retarget users who did not convert.

Bing Ads Keeps Improving By Listening to Users

Robert Brady of Clix Marketing shares thoughts about the improvement of Bing Ads through listening to users. Brady explains how Bing has maintained a feature suggestion forum with a voting system. Features are implemented if enough of the users have voted on that particular feature according to Brady.

Why Your Ads Fail: The Secret to AdWords Data

Lily Chen of Search Influence explains why your ads fail, and the secret to AdWords data. Chen suggests reviewing the search term report first, then auction insights report, followed by conversion time lag. According to Chen, each report is essential for configuring a successful PPC campaign.

How to Make Dynamic Search Ads Work

Jessica Carr of 3QDigital explains how to make dynamic search ads work. Dyanmic Search Ads will show your ads based on the content of your website, not the keywords according to Carr. Make sure to separate the types of content based on specific ad targeting as suggested by Carr. Carr states DSA can be a very powerful tool if used correctly.


8 Ways You Can Create a Winning Instagram Profile

Kinjal Adeshara of Cygnet Infotech shares 8 ways you can create a winning Instagram profile. According to Adeshara, Instagram has 75 million users offering up many opportunities, so use high-resolutions photos if you are a brand, make your product easy for fans to buy with description and buying information under each image, use a soft sell through storytelling, create a personal bond through in-moment photos, and more!

How to Use Twitter Hashtags as a Prospecting Tool

John Bonini of IMPACT Branding & Design explains how to use Twitter Hashtags as a prospecting tool. With over 9,100 Tweets ever second, it’s important to find important conversations…thus Hashtags. According Bonini, search for relevant Hashtags, follow relevant Hashtags, and finally add value to the conversation. Bonini suggests Hashtags are a great way to find prospects by discovering what they want.

Google+ Pages with 1,000+ followers can now create +Post Ads, promote Hangouts on Air and automatic posts

Emil Protalinski of The Next Web shares the latest news from Google concerning their Google+ platform. According to Protalinski, pages with more than 1,000 followers can now create post ads, promote Hangouts On-Air and automatic posts. Google has opted for shared endorsements for Google+ pages, and look for this to roll out to more and more users according to Protalinski.

5 Little-known YouTube Features for Marketers

Andrew Macarthy of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips fame shares 5 little known YouTube features for marketers. Macarthy suggests using the YouTube audio library to emotionally connect with viewers, YouTube Fan Finder, associated website annotations, and YouTube Live events. According to Maccarthy, using these tools will make a significance in your YouTube and content marketing strategy.


How Often Should I Get an SEO Audit?         How-Often-Should-I-Get-An-SEO-Audit

Brynna Baldauf of Vertical Measures explains how often you should get an SEO audit. According to Baldauf, do an audit at least quarterly, find your SEO pulse before looking into your big data, become swift in SEO changing SERPs, and fix problems with your backlinks. It’s important to care about SEO for your website as the industry evolves, and and audit is good for the overall health of your website according to Baldauf.

10 Ways SEO Works for B2B Companies

Jayson DeMers of AudienceBloom shares 10 ways SEO works for B2B companies. DeMers explains 67% of the B2B buyer’s journey is completed online. DeMers suggests SEO works by demanding better content, engaging social users, building authority, generating fresh content, and more!

7 Modern Age SEO Myths

Eric Enge of StoneTemple shares 7 modern age SEO myths. The first being that all guest blogging is dead in regards to spam guest blogging. Social media signals do not drive SEO as previously claimed; link signals are on their way out as inbound and outbound links both still remain valuable; Google’s search results aren’t broken… and a few more! Enge suggests looking at the big picture of all that is entailed in SEO.

Technical SEO Still Matters During Hummingbird Era

Dave Lloyd of Adobe Systems explains technical SEO still matters during the Hummingbird era. Lloyd reiterates the importance of XML Sitemaps, Geo-Targeting, Site Architecture, 404 Errors and Redirects, page load speed, page templates, & mobile design.

“ For those who have suffered SERP drop-off following Hummingbird or had to suffer the growing pains required to move from keyword-centric to audience-focused, I encourage you to focus on the fundamentals of SEO that have been around for years” – Dave Lloyd, Adobe Systems

What If Google Is Actually *Weak* In Search?

Jim Edwards of Business Insider explains the possibility of Google being weak in search. Edwards explains how as Google has increased in revenue, the quality of search has decreased over time. Edwards suggests competition is gaining on Google in terms of mobile search, ads, and revenue, making it harder for Google to compete. Google’s new acquisitions suggest the need for search improvement according to Edwards.

How to Conduct a Basic (But Effective) SEO Audit in Under 30 Minutes

Art Enke of Vertical Measures explains how to conduct a basic and effective SEO audit in under 30 minutes. According to Enke, in the first 5 minutes, review your Google Webmaster Tools account to view trends as well as see if there are any penalties to address. The next 10 minutes requires using the Screaming Frog Tool to find 404 pages & duplicate content. Then take the next 5 minutes to search Google to see if your website is indexed, followed by accessing your page load speed during the next 5, and finally ending by checking your backlink profile.


A Myth Revived: Matt Cutts on Thematic Links

Michael Martinez of SEO Theory revives a myth about thematic links as once announced by Google’s Matt Cutts. According to Martinez, there isn’t a mathematical way for thematic links to “carry more weight” as once stated by Matt Cutts. Links with the same anchor text can help a page rank rather than repetitive content according to Martinez. Martinez wants you to remember that with the more SEO shortcuts you take, Google will take note, making it harder for your website to be successful.

One Way To Build Links I Don’t Hate

Jason Dilworth of fifty6 explains one way to build links he doesn’t hate. Dilworth stresses the value of links in SEO despite abuse in link building that leads to spam. Dilworth suggests building links from existing brand mentions for added value.


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