The Weekly Measure: Tools for Link Building, Business Mapping & Desktops Aren’t Dead Yet

The Weekly Measure: Tools for Link Building, Business Mapping & Desktops Aren’t Dead Yet

The Weekly Measure is a collection of curated internet marketing news taken from sites all around the web. The newsletter covers the latest in content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building industry updates. Also, provided each week is a global schedule of upcoming internet marketing conferences featuring industry experts from numerous organizations, including Vertical Measures. Add the Weekly Measure to your reading list and stay current with all the changes in the digital world.


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Content Marketing

How Business Mapping Helped Improve Our Processes and Client Work

– Vertical Measures


Find out why working alongside Business Enterprise Mapping (BEM) was an eye-opening experience for us, and what’s more, extremely beneficial for our business!

The Future of Content and SEO: 5 Trends Every Marketer Needs to Know

– Content Marketing Institute


Become a leading content marketer by adapting to and adopting these five trends now – before your brand is left behind.

Paid Search

13 Reasons Why PPC Brand Bidding Is a Must

– Search Engine Journal


Branded PPC campaigns can be incredibly beneficial Here are 13 reasons why brand bidding should be part of your paid search strategies.

Google Locally Focused Ads Poised to Play Important Holiday Season Role for Brick-and-Mortar Brands

– Search Engine Land


Search ads aimed at driving offline traffic are likely to have a big impact this year.

Social Media

How 3 Serious Brands Engage Humanly on Social Media

– Content Marketing Institute


Learn how less-social brands use social media to engage their audiences.

Snapchat Use Among Influencers Is Down 33%

– HubSpot


Snapchat use has declined dramatically in the last year. Learn how it happened in this infographic.

Search Engine Optimization

How to Turn Low-Value Content Into Neatly Organized Opportunities

– Moz


Low-quality site content results in unhappy visitors and potentially even Google penalties. You can identify thin, duplicate, or spam-like content using a tool like Site Crawl.

Desktop Isn’t Dead: Why Not Everything in SEO Is Mobile-First

– Search Engine Journal


Mobile-first is the defining slogan of this SEO era, and for good reason. But you should investigate further before prioritizing mobile over desktop.

Link Building

The Best Tools for Link Building in 2017

– Vertical Measures


Learn what the most helpful tools are for link builders and how they will improve the efficiency and quality of your link development efforts.

How to Write Catchy Email Subject Lines: 17 Tips

– HubSpot


Discover what makes a great email subject line, and use these tips to start augmenting your own email marketing.


The Ever-Increasing Importance of Usability and Trust in Link Building

– Search Engine Land


Sometimes link builders identifying promising sites think only in terms of metrics. Columnist Julie Joyce explains why usability has become one the most important things to consider.

7 Crucial Metrics to Measure for Follow-ups

– Infusionsoft


When you send an email, you are probably expecting a response. But sometimes, all you get are crickets. Check out 7 metrics to measure for follow-ups.

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