The Weekly Measure: The Truth About Links, Infographic Design Tips & Improving Website Bounce Rates

The Weekly Measure: The Truth About Links, Infographic Design Tips & Improving Website Bounce Rates

The Weekly Measure returns every Friday to deliver a curated list of content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building news cherry picked from sites throughout the week. Also included is a schedule of conferences for those who want to expand their knowledge base in a live format environment. Make the Weekly Measure your one stop shop for digital marketing news every week!

Content Marketing

How to Play the Game of Content Land and Win [Infographic]

how-to-play-the-game-of-content-land-and-win-infographicVerónica Jarski  made a post containing an infographic on MarketingProfs. The infographic details how to win the game of content marketing and determine which methods of visualization work best for you.

What Makes an Infographic Design Bad & How To Improve It [INFOGRAPHIC]

what-makes-an-infographic-bad-how-to-make-it-betterDaniel Dannenberg discussed infographic quality on the Vertical Measures blog. Dannenberg utilizes an infographic of his own to show what design aspects can make for a bad graphic and how to improve future creation efforts.

Paid Search

Why You Need To Segment Your Data by Device When Reviewing Landing Page Performance

Samantha Kerr looked into reviewing landing page performance on PPC Hero. She elaborates on why it is necessary to segment data by device when looking at performance in order to get the most accurate data.

Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Michael Evans posted on about how to improve the bounce rate of websites. Evans lists six tips to keep people on your site and increase conversion chances.

Social Media

Facebook Launches Flash, a Snapchat Competitor for Emerging Markets

Brandy Shaul shared the news of Facebook’s latest attempted answer to Snapchat on Adweek. Shaul provides details on Flash, which has been developed for users in emerging markets with poor data and WiFi availability and is currently only available on Android in Brazil.

Social Media Cheat Sheet: Tools & Tips for Perfectly Sized Social Media Images

Caitlin Burgess released a cheat sheet guide to social media images on the TopRank blog. The guide walks readers through how to perfectly sized images for social apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


Penguin Questions & Concerns Cleared Up: An Interview With Google’s Gary Illyes

Brent Csutoras posted a recent interview with Google’s Gary Illyes on Search Engine Journal. The interview covered questions and concerns with the recent Penguin update. The article lists the key takeaways from the Q&A session, and a video of the full interview is also provided.

16 Stats That Prove the Importance of Local SEO [Infographic]

Lindsay Kolowich wrote an article on local SEO on HubSpot. Kolowich’s post includes an infographic highlighting sixteen key points that prove its importance.

Link Building

Google’s Penguin Update and Disavow Links: An Interview With Jim Boykin

Rina Caballar posted on Search Engine Journal about SEJ Founder Loren Baker’s recent sit down with Jim Boykin of Internet Marketing Ninjas. The two discussed Google’s latest Penguin update and how it affects disavows.

9 Hard Truths About Links

Julie Joyce broke down the hard truth about link building on Search Engine Land. Joyce offers up nine points that debunk the idea of risk free, guaranteed links.

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