The Weekly Measure: The Reliability of Search Volume Tools for Content Creation, Google Update Summary & Keyword Research Tips

The Weekly Measure: The Reliability of Search Volume Tools for Content Creation, Google Update Summary & Keyword Research Tips

The Weekly Measure is back yet again with the week’s hottest internet marketing news trends and updates. Each week, we track the latest goings on in the content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building spheres. We also include a continually updates list of internet marketing conferences featuring industry experts, including those from Vertical Measures! Keep up with the Weekly Measure each week and make it your one stop source for industry news.

Content Marketing

Are Search Volume Estimates Reliable for Content Topics?

are-search-volume-estimates-reliable-for-content-topicsBrad Kuenn of Vertical Measures looked at the usefulness of search volume tools when creating content. Kuenn answers whether or not these tools are a reliable source of predicting traffic utilizing data pulled from the estimates versus actual numbers from the research of real world companies.

A Brief Timeline of the History of Blogging

Amanda Zantal-Wiener charted the history of blogging in an article on HubSpot. She looks at how its practice and mediums have evolved since the early days of 1994 to the present day.

Paid Search

How Should You Formulate your PPC Strategy?

Diane Anselmo posted about PPC strategy on PPC Hero. Anselmo assesses the difference between goals and strategy as well as how to put together a sound plan for one’s paid efforts.

Proving The Value Of PPC

This week’s PPCChat focused on how to prove the value of PPC. The transcript taken from the Streamcap of the live chat lists the six questions asked and the responses of participants on the subject.

Social Media

The State of Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

Verónica Jarski made a post containing an infographic on the state of social media marketing on MarketingProfs. The infographic covers social media usage around the world and divulges stats such as which countries utilize it the most and the number of world wide social network users.

3 Lessons from the Kardashians on How Not to do Influencer Marketing

Mia Dand wrote about influencer marketing on Salesforce. Using the practices of the Kardashian family as examples, Dand points out three major areas brands should stay away from with their influencer tactics to stay in the good graces of legal entities such as the Federal Trade Commission.


7 Keyword Research Mistakes Avoid

Marieke van de Rakt discussed keyword research on Yoast. She lists seven mistakes one should avoid making during the research process.

Recent Google Changes & Rank Brain: What You Should Know

recent-google-changes-rank-brain-what-you-should-knowSeth Nickerson of Vertical Measures covered Google’s recent algorithmic change on the Vertical Measures blog. He explains six things we know about the update so far, including how RankBrain could be involved.

Link Building

How to Build Relevant Links That Boost SERPs and Grow Traffic

Chuck Price wrote about how businesses can attract relevant links on Search Engine Journal. Price extols the value of a solid resource center and details how to structure it in a way to attract natural links to boost rankings.

When to End Your Client/Link Provider Relationship

Julie Joyce posted on Search Engine Land about how to identify when it is time to end a relationship between a client and link provider. She offers up seven red flags that are indicative of a necessary split.

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