The Weekly Measure: The Reality of Link Building, Lessons in Facebook Instant Articles & Improving Content Strategy

The Weekly Measure: The Reality of Link Building, Lessons in Facebook Instant Articles & Improving Content Strategy

The Weekly Measure publishes the latest news in content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building each week. A continually updated schedule of conferences featuring industry experts, including those from Vertical Measures is also included for the convenience of readers. Keep current on industry trends, changes and articles from thought leaders by keeping the Weekly Measure in your sights.

Content Marketing

How to Improve Your Ineffective Content Marketing Strategy

how-to-improve-your-ineffective-content-marketing-strategy Blake Pappas posted on the Vertical Measures blog about how to pick up the pace with content strategies that are dragging their feet. Pappas outlines five ways how to implement fresh content strategies.

We Started Using Facebook Instant Articles: Here’s What We’ve Learned So Far

Kendall Walters wrote on Hootsuite about the company’s recent use of the relatively new Facebook Instant Articles. She shares the results of their post and the lessons learned about the feature during the publication process.

The Content Junkyard (and Why So Many Articles Fail)

Sean D’Souza focused on content creation in his article on Copyblogger. D’Souza suggests breaking the writing process down into four main stages to increase the likelihood of the creation of a successful piece of content.

Paid Search

Voice Search and PPC Relevance: A Match Made in Hell

Melissa Mackey lamented about the buggy aspects of using voice search on Google in regards to ads, on the Beyond the Paid blog. She reviews the challenges brought by lengthy search queries and how they lead to irrelevant ad placement.

Eight Tips for Getting the Most from a Modest PPC Budget

Pauline Jakober’s article on Search Engine Watch covered how to maximize PPC results with a modest budget. Jakober runs through eight ways to get the most bang for one’s buck.

Social Media

10 Killer Social Media Advertising Hacks For Content Marketers

Larry Kim made a post on Curata about how content marketers can use social media as a tool for content promotion. He lists ten tricks to use on Facebook and Twitter to help jumpstart page traffic.

Twitter Introduces Emoji Targeting for Ads

Andrew Hutchinson offered up a summary of Twitter’s latest announcement of targeting audiences based on emoji use on Social Media Today. Hutchinson also explains his experiment using emoji tracker to see if this move by Twitter can actually target relevantly.


Infographic: The Ultimate Guide to SEO-Friendly URLs

John E. Lincoln shared an infographics on Search Engine Land covering SEO-friendly URL structures. The infographic offers writing advice on structural aspects such as URL length, keyword optimization and types of characters to use.

Why Location is the Hottest Topic in Digital Marketing Right Now

Greg Sterling examined the recent focus on location data by digital marketers on Marketing Land. Sterling highlights the insights location offers marketers.

Link Building

Why Do We Link to Other Websites?

Dan Petrovic published the results of a study looking to identify the reasons why sites link out to other sites on the Dejan Marketing blog. He uses the information from the study to classify the different types of links and delve into how SEOs can approach linking out in the future.

Link Building: Expectations vs. Reality

link-building-expectations-vs-realityKayla Tarantino of Vertical Measures posted about the reality of what to expect from modern link building efforts. Tarantino clears up common misconceptions in expectations the Vertical Measures team has faced, and talks about overall link building lessons that can be taken from them.

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