The Weekly Measure: The Power of Reddit, Agile Content Marketing Strategy & Penguin 4.0 Guide

The Weekly Measure: The Power of Reddit, Agile Content Marketing Strategy & Penguin 4.0 Guide

The Weekly Measure comes to you each week with the most current content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building news. Articles are sourced from around the web to keep our readers informed so that they may stay on top of current trends in their industries. Each week we also include a list of conferences featuring industry experts, including those from Vertical Measures. Bookmark the Weekly Measure and stay up to date with the internet marketing world.

Content Marketing

The Importance of Original Content for SEO

Marieke van de Rakt wrote an article on Yoast about the importance of original content for SEO purposes. She provides examples of effective original content and how to write in a way that is fresh to attract attention versus writing for the purpose of clickbaiting.

How We Went Agile With Our Content Marketing Strategies

agile-content-marketing-strategiesJaclyn Freedman posted on the Vertical Measures blog about content marketing strategy. Freedman discusses the method behind the madness of the agile approach to content and provides a road map for strategist to follow to begin to take it on with their own efforts.

Paid Search

4 Dos and Don’ts with PPC Landing Pages

Will Green talked PPC landing pages on He goes over four do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating and optimizing these pages.

Weird Science: A Lesson in Failed Experiments

Lauren Rosner wrote about failed PPC strategies on PPC Hero. Rosner moves through a recent failed attempt of her own and what she learned from the experience.

Social Media

How to Repurpose and Promote Existing Content on Snapchat

Laurel Borrowman posted on repurposing existing content for Snapchat on Hootsuite. She lists five types of existing content one can leverage for further publishing and promotion via the app.

Reddit: The Sleeping Dragon of Social

reddit-sleeping-dragon-socialKatrina Padron expounded the power of Reddit on Social Media Today. Padron details the audience targeting potential of the social site and how to go about using it to one’s advantage without poking the bee’s nest and bringing about the negative consequences of stirring the hive mind that is Reddit.


SEO is Not Dead; It’s Just a Shape-Shifter

Stephan Spencer dove deep into the changes in the functionality of search engine optimization over the years on Search Engine Land. He emphasizes that the form of SEO that exists today is vastly different from the past and talks on how marketers can navigate today’s search landscape.

SEO is Not Dead; It’s Just a Shape-Shifter

Lisa Lacy published a guide to Penguin 4.0 on The Drum’s blog. The guide follows the recent updates to Penguin’s algorithm and what they mean for brands and marketers.

Link Building

3 of the Best Ways to Vary Anchor Text for Link Diversity

Brian Horvath wrote on diversity in link building tactics on Reputation X. Specifically, he dives into how to vary anchor text in order to achieve this goal.

Earning the Link: How to Pitch and Partner with the 5 Publisher Personas

Matt Vazquez made a post about outreach design for link building on Moz. Vazquez walks readers through how to strategically communicate with partners to improve the probability of earning an attribution link.

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