The Weekly Measure: The Best of Vertical Measures in 2017

The Weekly Measure: The Best of Vertical Measures in 2017

In our final Weekly Measure of 2017, we gathered our best internal content from the year and compiled it into one post. Enjoy!

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Content Marketing

Using Influencer Marketing Throughout the Digital Buyer’s Journey

– Vertical Measures


Using influencer marketing at each stage of the buyer’s journey creates a more holistic content amplification approach – here’s how.

Find Out Which Marketing Influencer You Are

– Vertical Measures


Knowing your marketing habits can help capitalize on strengths and shore up weaknesses. Take our quiz to find out which marketing influencer you’re most like.

Paid Media

5 Google AdWords Features You Should Be Using In 2017

– Vertical Measures


Google released several new features for AdWords in 2016 and the 2017, which means there are some new ways for paid advertisers to beef up their campaigns.

Paid Advertising at Each Stage of a Buyer’s Digital Journey

– Vertical Measures


Learn how your paid media campaigns should be working in a multi-channel strategy focused on the buyer’s journey to maximize advertising ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

Unlocking OK, Google: Voice Search Optimization Tactics You Can Use Right Now

– Vertical Measures


Learn three key tactics for improving your website’s visibility for voice search.

A Walkthrough of Structured Data and Schema Markup with Examples

– Vertical Measures


Want to improve clicks and conversions from Google’s search results? Learn 12 ways to use structured data and schema to markup your site.

Link Building

What is a Linkable Asset and How Do I Leverage It?

– Vertical Measures


Leveraging a linkable asset is not easy, but if you or your team follow these three basic principles, you’ll be maximizing your website’s content in no time!

Your Recipe for Creating Linkable Content Assets

– Vertical Measures


Want to create content that attracts links? Find out the recipe to developing high quality articles, infographics, and videos.

Conversion Rate Optimization

How To Do Conversion Rate Optimization

– Vertical Measures


Use conversion rate optimization (CRO) to see how people interact with your site before converting. Learn how to use CRO to boost conversions on your site.

A Landing Page Odyssey: Conversion-focused Landing Page Tips

– Vertical Measures


Great landing pages can lead to higher conversion rates and more business. Learn how to create conversion-focused landing pages based on these 8 easy steps.

Content Amplification

Measuring Amplification ROI: 5 Keys to Success

– Vertical Measures


To amplify content is to utilize paid and owned media that promotes your brand’s best performing content. Find out how to measure your amplification efforts.

5 Effective Ways to Amplify Your Content

– Vertical Measures


Learn how to amplify all your fantastic content with help from industry experts including Andy Crestodina, Shane Barker, Melanie Deziel, Erik Solan and more!


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