The Weekly Measure: Setting Content Marketing Goals, Keyword Research Lessons from Netflix & How to Conduct Link Audits

The Weekly Measure: Setting Content Marketing Goals, Keyword Research Lessons from Netflix & How to Conduct Link Audits

The latest in internet marketing news comes to you every Friday in the form of our newsletter, the Weekly Measure. Each week we offer up a collection of articles relating to content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building. Also provided is a continually updated schedule of internet marketing conferences. Keep current with each publication of the Weekly Measure in order to keep informed on industry news, changes and innovations.

Content Marketing

Should I Create Soft or Hard Goals for My Content Marketing?

should-i-create-hard-or-soft-goals-for-my-content-marketing Noelle Schuck wrote about content marketing goals on the Vertical Measures blog. Schuck sets out to explain how to determine whether to set hard goals or soft goals and how to measure them.

How to Write an Email That Gets Opened, Read, and Responded to [Infographic]

Verónica Jarski posted on MarketingProfs about how to craft the perfect email. Within her post lies an infographic detailing how to write and send emails that people will actually open and interact with.

How a Project Manager Can Solve Your Content Marketing Challenges

how-a-project-manager-can-solve-your-content-marketing-challenges Jenn Tanabe of Vertical Measures discussed a project manager’s role in content marketing. Tanabe takes three common content challenges that arise and analyzes how a project manager can help solve these issues. A free download for Vertical Measures’ 90-Day Content Marketing Course-Correction Plan is included at the end of her post.

Paid Search

3 Elements to Include in Every PPC Search Advert

Will Green wrote on PPC search adverts on He shares three elements of an advert all marketers should be including to ensure the maximum amount of contextual clicks and impressions.

Google vs Bing: Ad Extensions

Bethany Bey offered up a quick comparison of Google and Bing’s ad extensions on the Clix Marketing Blog. Bey utilizes an infographic to stack the two up together and show which ad extensions are available within each platform and at which levels in the account.

Social Media

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Audience on Snapchat

Austin Iuliano published an in-depth guide to Snapchat on Social Media Today. The guide covers tips and tricks to build and retain a large audience such as third party applications, customized snapcodes and publishing snapcode friendly content.

5 Big New Social Media Marketing Trends

Margot da Cunha looked at social media marketing trends on WordStream. She goes through five of the current most popular features across various social platforms and how marketers can use them to their advantage.


What Netflix Can Teach Us About Long-Tail Keyword Research

Ryan Shelley wrote an article on Search Engine Land about long-tail keyword research. Shelley examines what lessons on the subject SEOs can pull from Netflix’s film categories and how they target users.

Why Content Marketing Complements But Does Not Substitute Link Building

Niraj Ranjan posted about the relationship between content marketing and link building on Martech Advisor. He talks about how the strategies complement each other and how to successfully strike a balance between the two.

Link Building

The Immediate Results of Link Building

On Search Engine Land, Conrad Saam shared a counter argument to the idea that link building efforts take a long time to show positive results. Utilizing the results of four case studies, Saam seeks to show that the impact of links can be immediate and persistent.

Your Guide to Conducting SEO Link Audits

Sam Gooch wrote a post on SEO link audits on SitePoint. He covers how to run a proper audit to single out potentially harmful links and successfully disavow them.

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