The Weekly Measure: September 6, 2013

The Weekly Measure: September 6, 2013


The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.

The Weekly Measure Content Marketing

5 Lessons a Magazine Editor Can Offer a Content Marketer

Few know more about what it takes to create effective, intelligent content than an editor, and this Kuno Creative article by Brianne Carlon gives 5 important lessons, straight from the thoughts of an editor in this article.

“We all must fight for readers’ attention and, to do so, we must offer up the most well written, shiny pieces of content we are capable of.” –Brianne Carlon

How Much Does a Content Strategy Cost?

Everyone is wondering, so Lloyd Faulk of Vertical Measures answers the question: How much does content marketing cost?

6 WordPress Plugins for Easier Editor-Contributor Collaboration

Editing in WordPress can get frustrating, and this Search Engine Journal article by Ann Smarty offers 6 plugins that can ease the pain.

Content Marketing Ideas

11 Places to Find Awesome Content Marketing Ideas

Sometimes the idea well runs dry, and when it does, this Search Engine Journal article by Jayson DeMers can satisfy your creative thirst.

Content Marketing Recap August 2013

August was a big month in content marketing news, so in case you missed it, this 3 minute 11 second video by Katherine Griwert sums it up nicely.

The Weekly Measure Paid Search


The CPA Trap & How to Avoid It

David Rodnitzky of Search Engine Land starts this article with the words, “I guarantee I can reduce your cost-per-acquisition (CPA) on your SEM campaigns.” This article is a perfect read for those looking to connect CPA with ROI.

Paid Search TrafficRetail Paid Search Traffic Up 30%, Organic Visits Drop 3%

A recent study by MarketLive pays homage to the value of paid search versus organic search, explained in this Search Engine Watch Article by Jennifer Slegg

3 Paid Search Strategies for Maximizing Brand Equity in Retail

Matt Ackley shares the news that “retail advertisers invest more in paid search than almost any other industry,” and his article on Search Engine Land gives three strategies for maximizing brand equity in retail.


The changing dynamics of internet marketing can sometimes feel a little like “lions, and tigers, and bears…oh my,” and this Business 2 Community article by David Glenn simplifies the paid search department for better understanding.

“…it’s important to recognize that having wonderful products and an impressive website don’t amount to much if users are never able to locate it.” –David Glenn

Google Finally Supports Paid and Organic Co-Optimization

Google’s new AdWords Paid and Organic Report is making it more possible than ever to analyze and optimize, and Bill Hunt of Search Engine Watch has the story.

The Weekly- Measure Social Media

Finally, Facebook Makes It Easy to Run Contests

Marketing gurus know the value of contests for promotion, and now Facebook is making that process a little smoother. Corey Eridon shares the news in this HubSpot article.

Lowes Pinterest10 Brilliant Pinterest Board Ideas From Real Brands

Pinterest is the fourth largest traffic driver in the world, and this HubSpot article by Ginny Soskey shares ten great ideas for Pinterest boards, from real brands.

Facebook News Feed Updates: How Marketers Should Respond to Story Bump

What is Story Bump, and how can marketers shift their game plan to reflect this important Facebook algorithm change? Andrea Vahl has the news on Social Media Examiner.

How to Use the New Facebook Insights

If you’re not yet familiar with Facebook insights, this Social Media Examiner article by Jon Loomer can point you in the right direction.

News Feed FYI: Showing More High Quality Content

This story comes from Facebook’s own news page, defining “high quality content” and what users should be expecting as far as impact.

“…we want to make sure that the best quality content is being produced, surfaced and shared. Our latest update to the News Feed ranking algorithm helps ensure that the organic content people see from Pages they are connected to is the most interesting to them.” –Facebook

The Weekly Measure SEO

58 Resources to Help You Learn and Master SEO

Everyone loves a good resource list, and for anyone trying to beef up SEO efforts, this is a good list to keep on hand. This Kissmetrics article by Zach Bulygo serves up 58 excellent resources.

“SEO, in the end, is not much different from a business. Giving people what they want and the accurate information they need is job #1.” – Zach Bulygo

Google’s Cutts: Page Speed Ranking Factor Not More Important On Mobile Search

In this Search Engine Land article, Barry Schwartz has the scoop on Matt Cutt’s recent statements about the importance of page speed on mobile search.

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

Possibly one of the best internet marketing how-to lists on the web, this SEO cheat sheet on The Moz Blog is an excellent item to have on hand for anyone who works in internet marketing. Danny Dover presents this PDF download, free for everyone.

Is PageRank Finally Dead? It Seems To Be, At Least In The Google Toolbar

Barry Schwartz has some more news to share on Search Engine Land, discussing the relevance of page rank (is it dead?) and its place in the Google toolbar.

Top 10 Tips Top of GoogleTen Tips to the Top of Google

Who doesn’t want to be at the top of Google? Grant Simmons has ten valuable tips for making the climb in this Search Engine Watch article.

Kick Ass Local SEO Strategies from Around the World

Richard Marriott traveled the globe for this article (at least via email) and has put together the wisdom of SEO experts from around the world in this article.

The Weekly Measure Link Building


Is Google Ever Wrong About Links?

Can it be true, that Google may actually be in the wrong about the worth of a legitimate link? Chris Crum has this story on WebProNews.

“You have to wonder if links are simply starting to play less of a role in Google’s algorithm than in the past. Even if they are still playing a role, it’s possible that they’re not being given as much weight.” – Chris Crum

Startup Tip: How to Attract Inbound Links to Your Site Naturally

Natural links are always the best links, and this article (written by Vertical Measures’ own Kaila Strong) offers some tips for attracting inbound links, a naturale.

What is Page Rank and Domain Authority

Brynna Baldauf answers your questions about page rank and domain authority in this Vertical Measures article.

Seasonal Link BuildingSeasonal Link Building in 6 Steps

The seasonal approach to link building can work for every business, even those who don’t see a rise or fall in traffic with the changing of the seasons. Julie Joyce has six steps you can use today in this Search Engine Watch article.

9 Link Building Lessons We Learned as Kids

Some of the simplest lessons from childhood can be applied to link building, and Casie Gillete presents nine in this Search Engine Land article.

The Weekly Measure Upcoming Events


September 9-11: Content Marketing World

September 10-13: SES San Francisco

September 12: Free Webinar – Improve What You Have: How to Increase Rankings on Top Evergreen Content

September 17: Stress-free Website Redesign for Search and Social

September 24: From Howard Stern to Thomas Paine: 5 Actionable Ways to Create Content from Histories Best Content Creators

October 1-3: Search Marketing Expo SMX East 2013:NYC

October 15-16: Digital East – Washington D.C.

October 21-24: Pubcon Las Vegas


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