The Weekly Measure: Proper Use of Anchor Text, Social Media Images Best Practices & the Necessity of Content in 2016

The Weekly Measure: Proper Use of Anchor Text, Social Media Images Best Practices & the Necessity of Content in 2016

Vertical Measures’ weekly blog post covers the best of the best in content marketing, SEO, link building, social media, and paid search news. Updates on upcoming Internet marketing conferences and webinars are also always included at the end of the post to assist readers in taking their quest for internet marketing knowledge into the real world. Stay with the measure this week and the next for the finest content from across the web.

Content Marketing

The Time for Content Marketing is Now! [VIDEO]

The-Time-For-Content-Marketing-Is-NowDaniel Dannenberg of Vertical Measures posted a video detailing the importance of content marketing as a strategy for businesses. The video reviews several statistics of the prevalence of content in order to highlight the necessity of this tactic. At the end of his post, he provides a link to a free download from Vertical Measures titled “The Future of Content Marketing in 2016 & Beyond.”

Content Marketing – It’s Going to Get Weird

Joe Pulizzi wrote on Content Marketing Institute about the application of Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing to content marketing, and what this concept means for the future of content. Pulizzi discusses the current period of “disillusionment” with content and how that absolutely should not slow down businesses in their efforts with the strategy.

Paid Search

PPC Spidey Senses: They’re Real and You Want Them

Michelle Morgan posted an article on the Clix Marketing Blog about the importance of having PPC “spidey senses” or the ability to determine things that need to be acted on before they become apparent. This idea of being able to look several steps ahead and act on your PPC instincts can help track and adjust to account trends, industry changes and client relationships.

Three Off-the-Beaten-Path Ideas that PPC Pros Should Think About in 2016

Pauline Jakober looked into ways to improve the customer journey on Search Engine Watch. Jakober reviews three overlooked methods such as HTTPS utilization, creating video how-to content and including live chat on landing pages.

Social Media

Social Media Images Part 1: Sizes, Best Practices and Tools

In part one of a two-part guide from the Top Rank Blog, Joel Carlston writes on how to create the perfectly sized image for various social platforms. The post opens with the current image size requirements for social sites such as Facebook, then moves into tools to help optimize the design aspect of these perfect fit pictures.

How to Create Custom Instagram Feeds

Paul Ramondo explored creating custom Instagram feeds on Social Media Examiners. These feeds are meant to help users filter out unwanted content and focus on posts that interest them the most, and Ramondo lists several tools to helps achieve this goal.


Evaluating Link Quality For SEO Campaigns

Andrew Dennis shared his criteria for evaluating link quality on Search Engine Land. Dennis discusses how relevance, human value and authority and trust play into the evaluation process of a prospective link.

Accidental SEO Tests: How 301 Redirects Are Likely Impacting Your Brand

On the Moz blog, Brian Wood delved into the impact 301 redirects have on a brand’s SEO. Through testing changing URL structures over a period of time and measuring the impact, the Moz team comes to an exact conclusion on the impact this has on their SEO value and what this means for other companies.

Link Building

Link Wars: The Force Awakens

Winston Burton takes readers on a journey through the numerous changes in the link building industry on Search Engine Land. Burton recounts previously used tactics that are no longer acceptable and downright harmful, as well as modern tactics that focus on quality rather than quantity.

What is Anchor Text and How Can I Best Optimize It?

Shane Baker’s post on SEMrush focused on the proper use of anchor text. Baker briefly defines types of anchor text, then offers tips on how to best optimize it and avoid Google penalties.

Upcoming Events

February 8-9: Digital Summit – Phoenix, Arizona

  • Don’t miss Arnie Kuenn’s half-day pre-conference workshop on “The Proven 8-Step Formula to Content Marketing”. Arnie will also be speaking on “Forget Keywords – Here’s How To Produce Content to Grow Your Business”

February 24-25: Pubcon SFIMA – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

March 1-3: SMX West – San Jose, California

March 1-3: ICON16 – Phoenix, Arizona

March 10: SearchFest – Portland, Oregon

March 15-17: LeadsCon – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Be sure to check out Arnie Kuenn’s half-day workshop on “The Proven 8-Step Formula to Content Marketing” as well as his presentation on research tactics for content topics.


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