The Weekly Measure: Digital Performance, Perks and Power Tools

The Weekly Measure: Digital Performance, Perks and Power Tools

Each week, Vertical Measures presents the Weekly Measure, a collection of the week’s latest updates in the content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building fields. Also provided is a handy schedule of internet marketing industry conferences taking place around the world. Keep with the Weekly Measure each week as we continue to provide you with the most current digital marketing news.

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Content Marketing


A New Perspective on Engaging Content: BuzzSumo’s Reddit Data

– BuzzSumo


To help you quickly and efficiently discover what grabs Redditors attention for your content topics, BuzzSumo offers some valuable insights.

7 Powerful Tools to Automate Tedious Content Marketing Tasks

– Content Marketing Institute


In this article, Bill Widmer shares seven of his favorite content marketing and SEO tools. Dive in and see what tools can help you!


Paid Media


New Google AdWords Tool Can Forecast Reach of YouTube Ads

– Search Engine Journal


Google AdWords has introduced a new tool called Reach Planner, which allows advertisers to forecast reach and frequency on YouTube. Find out what this means for you!

62% of Small Businesses Fail with Facebook Ads. Here’s How to Fix That

– Neil Patel


Neil Patel discusses the most common reasons why small businesses fail with Facebook Ads and how to fix each issue.


Social Media


6 Ways to Promote Your E-commerce Products on Social Without Being Salesy

– Kissmetrics


Want to promote your e-commerce products without forcing a sales message? Here are six ways to do that.

How to Use 4 Twitter Analytics Tools to Improve Twitter Ad Performance

– Social Media Examiner


Discover four analytics tools to help you research and build better-targeted Twitter ad campaigns.


Search Engine Optimization


How Mobile-First Indexing Disrupts the Link Graph

– Moz Blog


Google is moving forward with its mobile-first index — how might it affect your site and the link graph as a whole? It turns out the mobile web is very different from the one we have come to know.

Why a Link Building Strategy is Crucial Before You Start Link Development

– Vertical Measures


Learn more about the importance of conducting a link development strategy before you start a link building campaign and why you shouldn’t start building links without a foundation of sound SEO.


What’s Happening Around VM?


How Vertical Measures Promotes a Positive Team Culture with Perks and Recreation

– Vertical Measures


At Vertical Measures, we’re lucky to have a leadership team that strives to provide the best environment possible. Get an inside look at our proud company culture!


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