The Weekly Measure: Paid Promotion, Content Creation & Local Homepage SEO

The Weekly Measure: Paid Promotion, Content Creation & Local Homepage SEO

The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.


4 Easy Tips for Content Creation & Optimization

Vertical Measures CEO, Arnie Kuenn, posted a video on Internet Summit with four easy content and optimization tips. The tips cover topics from ideation to duplicate content and are quick and easy enough for even the smallest company to implement.

5 Tips on How to Be Effective at Content MarketingContent marketing concept in word tag cloud on black background

Venchito Tampon wrote an article on on how to be an effective content marketer. His tips include replicating content strategies from other niches, identifying your target audience and learning from industry experts. He even did the leg work for us and links out to five of the best content marketers out there.

Google Analytics: Measure Your Content’s Success

On LinkedIn, Arnie Kuenn covers a part of content marketing that is often forgotten: measurement! In his post, Kuenn goes over what you should be measuring, how to measure it and why it’s so important to do so.


Is local the next big Facebook advertising market?shutterstock_164716904

On InsideFacebook, Charlie Ardagh  goes over what he thinks is a huge untapped market for Facebook advertisements: local small businesses. In his article, he goes over impressive stats and examples of how this could be used specifically for this demographic.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Facebook Content Promotionthe-step-by-step-guide-to-facebook-content-promotion

Zach Etten wrote a step-by-step guide on the Vertical Measures blog for those looking to promote content on Facebook. With tips ranging from using great content, how to use the ad manager and choosing objectives for a campaign this guide – complete with screen shot examples – is a must read for those new to Facebook promotions.


Facebook Marketing Tips: How to Get Engagement on Facebook Without Ever Paying for AdsCopy-of-Quick-Wins-Social-Media-6

Nicole Miller wrote a great recap of a #bufferchat Erik Fisher had about Facebook. The chat covered community strategy, anecdotes about audience engagement and some of the biggest lessons he’s learned in Facebook marketing.

5 Ways to Use Metrics to Improve Your Social Media Marketingde-metrics-improve-smm-480

On Social Media Examiner, Debra Eckerling gives us five ways to improve our social media marketing through monitoring metrics. In her post she goes over which metrics to monitor, how to track post performance and more to make sure you can make the metrics work for you.


12 Things To Check In Your Local Homepage SEO AuditLocal-SEO-Homepage-Audit-800x450

Chris Silver Smith wrote on Search Engine Land to help you make sure your homepage is performing at its peak for local SEO. Smith goes through basics of local SEO including redirects, making sure images are visible, correcting tags and checking out your site on mobile devices complete with “how-to’s” and best practices.

Google Processes Link Disavow Files Automatically, Without Human Review

Barry Schwartz posted to Search Engine Roundtable about something SEOs are getting wrong – manual review of disavow files. Though this may not be a shock to some SEOs – that’s a lot of files to go through – he does reiterate that Google does have actual humans looking over reconsideration requests.


The Future of Link Building

Paddy Moogan posted to he Moz blog about the future of link building. As a former spammer, Moogan has a unique perspective and admits that link building isn’t easy anymore but his past makes him qualified to endorse taking the high road and playing by Google’s rules. In the article he includes his predictions for the future of link building and what that will mean for marketers.

Why SEOs Need To Stop Automating Email Outreach For Linksmobile-email2-ss-1920-800x450

On Search Engine Land, Matthew Barby wrote an insightful post about why SEOs need to rethink email automation. He gives an example of a link building email he received, goes over how to craft a pitch and reminds SEOs to be realistic about their outreach.


October 15-16, 2014: Seattle Interactive Seattle, WA

October 22-24, 2014: Information Development World San Jose, CA

November 3-6, 2014: ClickZ Live Chicago, IL

November 11-13, 2014: Internet Summit Raleigh, NC

November 13-14, 2014: SMX Milan Milan, Italy

November 17-19, 2014: Content Strategy Applied USA San Jose, CA

November 19-20, 2014: SMX Social Las Vegas, NV

December 9-10, 2014: Dallas Digital Summit Dallas, TX

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