The Weekly Measure: News from #CMWorld, Video Content Amplification & XML Sitemaps

The Weekly Measure: News from #CMWorld, Video Content Amplification & XML Sitemaps

Each week, Vertical Measures presents the Weekly Measure, a collection of the week’s latest updates in the content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building fields.

Content Marketing


The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Enterprise-level Digital Marketers

– Vertical Measures


Marketers face unique challenges due to their size, budget, expectations and goals. Take a look at some specific challenges large-sized content creators face.

8 Big Questions From Content Marketing World to Ask Year Round

– Content Marketing Institute


Learn the 8 questions asked by Content Marketing World presenters that involve the most important element in content marketing.


Paid Search

How Video Content Amplification & Paid Media Work Together, with Erik Solan

– WireBuzz


How do you personalize the buyer’s journey to deliver the right content at the right time to get the result you want? Find out in this podcast.

Google to Advertisers: Get Your Mobile Landing Pages Ready

– Search Engine Journal


Google is giving notice to AdWords advertisers that AMP landing pages are on the way in two weeks.


Social Media


Facebook Is Seriously Cracking Down on Fake Accounts and Ad Spend

– HubSpot


Facebook’s investigation into inauthentic accounts has led to new information — and rules. Here’s what we know, and what content creators should take from it.

Posting Mechanics: How to Streamline Your Social Media Routine

– SEMrush


Setup and manage your posting schedule on Facebook and Twitter with SEMrush’s Social Media Poster

Search Engine Optimization


XML Sitemap Optimization Hacks I Learned from My 5-Year-Old

– Vertical Measures


For an XML sitemap to be effective, you want to include the information you want Google to index. Here’s an outline of the most important things to consider.

The Beginner’s Guide to Structured Data for SEO: How to Implement Structured Data

– Moz


This guide focuses on the most basic types of markup and the most common use cases, plus resources to help with the more technical aspects of implementation.

Link Building


9 Ways to Make the Best of Link Building with SEMrush

– SEMrush


Learn about link building techniques that proved to work for SEMrush users.

Too Many Links: Strategies for Disavow & Cleanup

– Search Engine Journal


Disavowing links is a tedious yet necessary task you need to accomplish if you want to stay in good graces with Google. Here’s a guide on how to do it.


The State of Email Marketing Personalization in 2017

– Campaign Monitor


Register for our email marketing personalization webinar. Campaign Monitor and Movable Ink share how to create personalized emails to engage consumers.

3 Reasons I Deleted Your Cold Outreach Email

– Marketing Land


Contributor Andrea Lehr shares three common mistakes people make when writing cold emails and how you can avoid them.

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