The Weekly Measure: Negative SEO, Content Creation & How Google Crawls Your Site

The Weekly Measure: Negative SEO, Content Creation & How Google Crawls Your Site

The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.


9 Content Curation Ideas for Bulking Up Your Editorial Calendar

On Content Marketing Institute, Heidi Cohen gives marketers nine ideas to help them bulk up their content marketing curation process. With 93% of B2B marketers using content marketing, this article will help those out there feeling strapped for ideas with tips like asking industry experts to contribute to your site.

What Makes a Great Infographic?

In his latest post on LinkedIn, Arnie Kuenn discusses what makes a great infographic and why it’s an important part of your content marketing arsenal. For the article, Kuenn gathered together seven industry experts to give content marketers the insight they need to make the best graphics possible.

“…a graphic should not be something to be seen, but something to be read and understood. It is not a presentation that you passively absorb, but a visual device you should be able to manipulate and analyze to better comprehend a story.” – Alberto Cairo, School of Communication of the University of Miami

Something’s rotten in content marketing – 5 signs it’s your article

Caitlin Espinoza wrote an article on Mint Twist outlining things that content writers should remember but often forget. Her tips range from writing content in Word first so posts get spell checked, to making sure to use buzzwords sparingly.

Turn Your Blog Into A Learning Center To Win At Content Marketing1-wholefoods-blog-screenshot

Over on Marketing Land, Arnie Kuenn teaches marketers to think differently about their blogs and urges them to use them as an information source for their audience. In the article he gives examples marketers can use for ideation as well as best practices so that their blog can show up in relevant searches for their audience.

5 Ways To Rethink Your Content Marketing Strategy

Gerry Moran posted an article on Marketing Think about how you can rethink your content marketing strategy. He gives five strategies you can use to strengthen your content and social marketing strategies as well as tying in Progressive’s Flo for a perky bonus.


The Retargeting Trap: How Targeting Conversions Hurts ROIdisplay-ad-featured

Susan Esparza writes on Marketing Land to clear up some misconceptions about retargeting. She talks to PPCers about common traps campaigns can fall into and also gives tips to provide the best results for your overall marketing mix.


Delighting People in 140 Characters: An Inside Look at JetBlue’s Customer Service Successjet blue

Lindsay Kolowich gives marketers a look at what makes a great social media strategy using JetBlue as an example in her article on HubSpot. She explains through real interactions how JetBlue’s customer first approach has helped bolster the brand’s presence online.

10 Time Saving Tips For Social Media Marketing

On Business2Community, Susan Gilbert published a post explaining time saving moves for social media marketers. Her quick 10 tips remind SMM’s that great social media strategies can include tactics as simple as giving props to others within the community while also recommending “old school” techniques such as picking up the phone to talk to those who need attention.


How Google Crawls The Web [VIDEO]How Google Crawls The Web

Daniel Dannenberg created a video for the Vertical Measures blog about how Google crawls the Web. The video takes us on a a visual journey of a complicated process so that we can better understand how Google works in our lives and in business.

Unraveling Panda Patterns

Bill Slawski posts to the Moz blog about Panda patterns. SEO SME’s will want to take a look at this article as it goes very in-depth on the topic while giving great examples of what Google looks for algorithmically.

Integrated Marketing Agency: What does it really mean?

Aric Zion posts a video to Zion and Zion’s blog about what it really means to be an integrated marketing agency. He discusses the difference between “full service” and “integrated” agencies and gives great pointers for those looking to hire out for their marketing needs.

Negative SEO: How to Know if You’ve Been a VictimNegative-SEO-How-to-Know-if-You’ve-Been-a-Victim

Ever heard of purposeful negative SEO? Art Enke of Vertical Measures explains the difference between bad SEO and negative SEO in this article and lets you know how to tell if you have fallen victim.

New to SEO writing? 5 Essential Things You Need to Know

Heather Lloyd-Martin gives SEO newbies a leg up with her article on In the article, she goes through five essentials all SEO writers must have and includes reasons why SEO writing is good for your career.


5 Most Important Takeaways From the Link Building Survey 2014link-building-survey-thoughts-analysis

Jon Ball wrapped up a recent survey on link building in his post on Search Engine Watch. The article lists five take-aways for link builders, including the oft heard “link building is getting harder” and “links are still important.” Through the article, he clears up confusion within the SEO industry about link building, and the last take-away is the most important for marketers to remember: link building works best with other online marketing activities.


August 11-14, 2014: ClickZ Live San Francisco, CA

August 14-15, 2014: LeadsCon New York, NY

August 18-19, 2014: Frontier International Kuala Lumpur

August 19-20, 2014: MarTech Boston, MA

August 24-27, 2014: Dialogue Conference Sweden

September 8 -11, 2014: Content Marketing World Cleveland, OH

September 30 – October 2, 2014: SMX East 2014 New York, NY

October 2, 2014: Content Jam Chicago, IL

October 6-9, 2014: Pubcon Las Vegas, NV

October 15-16, 2014: Seattle Interactive Seattle, WA

October 22-24, 2014: Information Development World San Jose, CA

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