The Weekly Measure: Link Development for Content, Instagram’s New Algorithm-Based Feed & Content Creation Lessons Taken from Video Games

The Weekly Measure: Link Development for Content, Instagram’s New Algorithm-Based Feed & Content Creation Lessons Taken from Video Games

As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, The Weekly Measure brings you the latest paid search, social media, SEO and link building news from all over the web. We also look into live events provide a constantly updated list of internet marketing conferences from all across the world.

Content Marketing

How to Beat the Battle of an Ineffective Blog

Jodi Harris posted on Content Marketing Institute about how to combat an ineffective blog. Harris reviews five critical problems that would be impacting one’s blog and how to remedy these issues.

4 Content Marketing Lessons from Video Games

four-content-marketing-lessons-from-video-gamesMeg Cannistra looked to the video game industry for lessons in content marketing in a post on Ceros. She looks at how aspects of games such as gameplay and story structure can be applied to content creation.

Paid Search

PPC Landing Page Images: The Technical Aspects You Need to Know

Andrea Taylor wrote about PPC landing page images on the Clix Marketing blog. Taylor talks about where to find high quality photos, the role image size plays in optimizing page load speed and page length and how to keep everything on point for mobile users.

PPC: A Beginners’ Guide to KPIs, Budgets & Agencies

Pulling from Econsultancy’s new PPC Best Practice guide, Ben Davis rounded up some beginner tips on the site’s blog. Davis provides an introduction for KPI management, budget management and determining whether or not to go the in-house or agency route for campaign management.

Social Media

Is Facebook Poised To Make a More Serious Push Into E-Commerce?

Kimberlee Morrison discussed the possibility of Facebook making more serious moves towards E-Commerce on Adweek. Morrison breaks down the traits of a successful e-commerce business that Facebook currently exhibits and what Facebook can do to move more into this space in the future.

Instagram to Introduce New Algorithm-Based Feed

Matt Southern shared the news of Instagram’s latest announcement to move towards an algorithm-based feed on Search Engine Journal. He writes on how this will impact usage of the app and the reasoning behind Instagram’s decision.


6 Strategies to Build Links For Your Small Business Website in 2016

Pratik Dholakiya wrote an article on link building tactics for small businesses on Search Engine Land. He highlights six basic strategies for businesses to try out in order to help them avoid outdated and harmful tactics and improve their search engine rankings.

Why Real-Time Search Algorithm Updates May Be Bad News

Patrick Stox’s post on Search Engine Watch peered into the future to examine the potential negative effects of real-time search algorithm updates taking the place of manual updates. He sees this new type of update as a potential omen for issues such as penalties being harder to troubleshoot and black hat testing becoming more prevalent in the future.

Link Building

Link Development & Content Marketing: Why, When and How?

link-development-content-marketingKayla Tarantino of Vertical Measures posted on the Vertical Measures blog about boosting one’s content through link building tactics. Tarantino dives deep into the thought process behind the benefits of acquiring links, determining if content is linkable and how to create a solid link development strategy.

The Difference between Link Building & Outreach (and How They Work Together)

Michael Georgiou wrote about the relationship between link building and outreach on Search Engine People. He discusses multiple forms of outreach and the role it plays in creating a truly sound link building strategy that can yield excellent SEO results.

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