The Weekly Measure: Landing Page Optimization, Google Snippets & Social Media Wins

The Weekly Measure: Landing Page Optimization, Google Snippets & Social Media Wins

The Weekly Measure is a collection of curated internet marketing news taken from sites all around the web. The newsletter covers the latest in content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building industry updates. Also, provided each week is a global schedule of upcoming internet marketing conferences featuring industry experts from numerous organizations, including Vertical Measures. Add the Weekly Measure to your reading list and stay current with all the changes in the digital world.

Net Neutrality

FAQ This! Now That the FCC Voted to Repeal Net Neutrality, What Happens?

Last week, the FCC voted 3-to-2 to repeal net neutrality and its protection of an open internet. Now what?

Content Marketing

A Landing Page Odyssey: Conversion-focused Landing Page Tips

– Vertical Measures


Great landing pages can lead to higher conversion rates and more business. Learn how to create conversion-focused landing pages based on these 8 easy steps.

Is Your Content Marketing Ready for 2018?

– Content Marketing Institute


Discover how to expand your view of marketers’ roles and how they contribute to the business with these tips.

Paid Media

PPC 2017: Epic Review of the Biggest Trends & Updates in Paid Search

– Marketing Land


This year, artificial intelligence and machine learning underpinned nearly every paid search update.

The Future of PPC: 3 Big Predictions for 2018

– Search Engine Journal


What do changes from Google, Amazon, and other major players mean for the future of PPC? Here’s how to position yourself for a successful year.

Social Media

8 Noteworthy PR and Social Media Wins from 2017

– Critical Mention


While 2017 may have been filled with PR and social media fails, it was also a year of noteworthy wins for many brands.

How Social Media Supports SEO for Increased Engagement, Traffic and Sales

– Rocks Digital


Engage socially with your target market and Discover how social media supports SEO to draw potential customers to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

8 Simple Ways to Utilize a Blog to Improve SEO Results

– Search Engine Land


Is your blog living up to its full potential? In this beginner-level how-to, columnist Joe Goers explains several ways to utilize your blog for SEO gains.

Are Google’s Featured Snippets Eating Your Blog Traffic?

– HubSpot


If your blog’s traffic flattened out this year, you’re not alone. The answer may lie in featured snippets — and the way you appear in results.

Link Building

Great SEM And SEO Don’t Stop When Your Link Gets Clicked

– SEMrush


Find out how to apply SEM And SEO principles to your website to Improve site search.

How to Generate Links That Drive Traffic, Not Just Ranking

– Search Engine Land


Links are a crucial element of search engine optimization, and columnist Kevin Rowe believes that long-term SEO success relies on building links that drive real traffic.


Email Marketing: Why You Should Take the Inbound Route

– Infusionsoft


This is the age of inbound marketing. Learn how to incorporate email marketing into your inbound plan.

Adobe Campaign to Roll Out Enhanced Email Functionality

– Marketing Land


The company also sees AI-powered, highly personalizable email in its future.


Three Simple Steps to Creating Your First Marketing Video

– MarketingProfs


Creating videos for marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating. Focus on using these three approaches to improve both the process and the outcome of your first marketing video.

Google Q&A YouTube Videos Are Back. Are You Ready?

– Search Engine Journal


Google is bringing back webmaster help videos on YouTube in a new series called “SEO snippets.”


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