The Weekly Measure: Journalist Produced Content, Building an Instagram Following & Saying Goodbye to Google PageRank

The Weekly Measure: Journalist Produced Content, Building an Instagram Following & Saying Goodbye to Google PageRank

At the end of every week, the Weekly Measure strives to pique your interest by offering the latest in paid search, social media, SEO and link building news taken from around the web. In addition, we include a constantly updated schedule of internet marketing conferences from around the world. Add the Vertical Measures blog to your favorites tab and keep tabs on the Weekly Measure!

Content Marketing

Your 6-Point Spring Cleaning Content Marketing Checklist

Quinn Whissen of Vertical Measures outlined six ways to clear out older content clutter and give one’s strategy a fresh start for the year on Marketing Land. From performing a content audit to setting conrete key performance indicators to move towards within 90 days, Whissen’s checklist will ensure the continual forward momentum of a content strategy.

Six Good Reasons to Hire Journalists to Create Your Content

six-good-reasons-to-hire-journalists-to-create-your-content Jeff Hinkle made a case for hiring journalists to create content on the Vertical Measures blog. Hinkle lists six reasons why journalists can make the perfect addition to and help round out any content team.

You Ought to Be in Pictures: 5 Amazingly Successful Brand Video Marketing Campaigns

Joshua Nite posted on TopRank about video marketing campaigns for brands. He examines six campaigns that showcase exemplary use of content marketing best practices to tell stories with visual interest.

10 Common Blog Writing Mistakes

An infographic on common blog writing mistakes created by GrammarCheck was the main focus of Jennifer Frost’s post on Relevance. The infographic covers common errors in sentence structure, punctuation, organization and grammar.

Paid Search

4 Unusual Sources for Keyword Research You Should Tap Into

Jill DuPre wrote about keyword research sources on the Clix Marketing blog. DuPre explains how to gain keyword insight from Twitter, customer reviews, Pinterest and the search tool Soolve.

How SEO and PPC Can Work Together to Maximize ROI

On The SEM Post, Ron Dod examined how SEO and PPC can work together to maximize ROI. Dod focuses on using PPC data for SEO targeting and using retargeting to show the value of organic search traffic and get these users back to the site to convert.

Social Media

New Research Reveals Paid Social Media Effectiveness

Suzanne Delzio posted on Social Media Examiner about paid social media. Delzio shares recent insights on the effectiveness of paid social media marketing to help businesses looking to bolster their efforts figure out where to spend their money.

How To Build An Instagram Following From Scratch

Sarah Williams delved into how to build an large, healthy and interactive Instagram following on She provides five tips to attract followers and create a bustling profile.


What Should I Do When My Site Has Been Hit With a Google Penalty?

Chris Lake wrote on Search Engine Watch about what to do when one’s site has been hit with a Google penalty. Stressing not to panic, Lake goes over fifteen key steps to take towards remedying the problem.

Google to Stop Displaying Toolbar PageRank Scores

Matt Southern reported on Google’s plan to finally do away with PageRank on Search Engine Watch. He runs through the history of the gradual phasing out of PageRank and what the complete cessation of its support means for how Google weighs inbound links as a ranking signal.

Link Building

Where & How do Top Startups Get Their Links?

On Moz, John Doherty talked about the benefits of solid SEO practices such as link building for startups. Doherty looked at the top fifty-five startup domains that appear most often within backlink reports, their top link building tactics and the effects these links have on the startups’ ability to get funding.

The Practical Beginner’s Link Building Toolkit

David Farkas published a beginner’s toolkit to link building on Page One Power. The post focuses on the simple, practical and necessary tactics and tools one needs to utilize to begin a successful link building campaign.

Upcoming Events

March 15-17: LeadsCon – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Be sure to check out Arnie Kuenn’s half-day workshop on “The Proven 8-Step Formula to Content Marketing” as well as his presentation on research tactics for content topics.

March 16-17: Clever Content – Copenhagen, Denmark

March 17-18: SMX Munich – Munich, Germany

March 30-April 1: ConversionXL Live – Austin, Texas

April 5 – April 6: Digital Summit – Los Angeles, California

  • Don’t miss out on Arnie Kuenn’s pre-conference workshop on “The Proven 8-Step Formula to Content Marketing” in addition to his research tactics for content topics speaker session.

April 10 – April 17: DigiMarCom Cruise, Caribbean

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