The Weekly Measure: International SEO Myths, Harnessing Unsaturated Marketing Channels & Creating Content People Want to See

The Weekly Measure: International SEO Myths, Harnessing Unsaturated Marketing Channels & Creating Content People Want to See

Vertical Measures highlights the latest in internet marketing news and trends at the end of every week with the Weekly Measure. We cover the latest on content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building to keep readers up to date on what concepts to focus on. We also provide a constantly updated list of conferences featuring industry experts for those who want to further pursue their internet marketing education. Keep with the Weekly Measure each week as we continue to provide the latest industry updates.

Content Marketing

How to Create Awesome Content People Actually Want

how-to-create-awesome-content-people-actually-wantBrad Kuenn of Vertical Measures wrote about how to create content that will capture people’s attention. Kuenn runs through ideation generation tips as well as how to optimize content for SEO so that it can be more easily discovered. At the end of his post, he provides a link to Vertical Measures’ free download titled “What is Content Marketing?”

The Role of Emotions in Shareable Content: An Analysis of 100 Viral Reddit Images

shareable-content-emotionsAndrea Lehr looked at the role emotions play in highly shareable content on HubSpot. She analyzes one hundred viral images posted on Reddit to identify the top ten emotions present and what these responses mean for marketers looking to create visual content that resonates with viewers.

Paid Search

Introduction to UTM Parameters for PPC

Andrea Taylor posted an introduction to UTM parameters for PPC on the Clix Marketing blog. Taylor provides a summary of the five UTM parameters used by Google Analytics, as well as a list of additional articles on the subject for deeper study.

Pockit – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

Will Green put the spotlight on Pockit’s PPC efforts in his campaign analysis on He lays out what stands out about the structure of the advert and landing page to give readers a better look down the path they should be following for their PPC work.

Social Media

The Marketing Power of Pokémon Go and Other New, Unsaturated Marketing Channels

marketing-power-of-unsaturated-marketing-channelsRyan Scott posted about the power of unsaturated marketing channels on HubSpot. Using the smash hit Pokémon Go app as a jumping off point, Scott dives into how businesses can identify and tap into the potential of these channels.

Hacking the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm: 5 Ways to Recover Organic Reach

Larry Kim wrote about how to raise Facebook organic engagement rates on WordStream. He lists five clever “hacks” marketers can initiate to bump traffic.


The 15 Most Popular Myths About International SEO, Debunked

Kaitlin McMichael sought to clear the air on the topic of international SEO on Moz. McMichael gives a brief summary of the history of international SEO development before moving into debunking fifteen current myths on the matter.

SEMrush Study: 11 Most Common On-Site SEO Issues

Elene Terenteva published the results of an SEMrush study on the site’s blog. She pins down eleven of the most common on-site SEO issues and how they affect search engine rankings.

Link Building

A Simple Guide to Building Quality Links in 2016

Mansi Rana posted a guide to building quality links on Rana talks about the difference between natural and unnatural links and modern link building standards.

Are Links Still a Powerful Ranking Factor? (New Study)

On the Stone Temple Consulting blog, Eric Enge shared a report on the findings of a recent study performed by the company that focused on how links influence top rankings factors. He dives deep into how links are affecting rankings and how to take advantage of their influence.

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