The Weekly Measure: Immediately Actionable SEO KPIs, Lessons in Link Building Outreach & Campaign Character Development

The Weekly Measure: Immediately Actionable SEO KPIs, Lessons in Link Building Outreach & Campaign Character Development

Access to the latest in internet marketing news is available right at your fingertips through the Weekly Measure! Each week we collect articles relevant to content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building news for your convenience. We also include a continually updated list of upcoming national and international internet marketing conferences. Keep current with industry news every week by following the Weekly Measure and never be in the dark when it comes to industry knowledge.

Content Marketing

Where is Clickbait Taking Us? Is There No End in Sight?

Rohan Ayyar lamented on clickbait headlines in an article on Marketing Insider Group. Ayyer identifies several examples of clickbait and discusses the negative effects the trend has on both readers and writers of content.

Storytelling Lessons from Film: Developing Dynamic Characters

four-character-development-tips-from-filmTed Karczewski made a post containing an interactive graphic on Ceros. The graphic looks at four aspects of character development taken from film that brands can apply to their marketing strategies in order to tell a better story for their audience. Karczewski also reviews four examples of brands that properly utilize character development in their campaigns.

Paid Search

PPC Landing Page Images: The Emotion & Science You Need to Know

In a follow up to her article on the technical aspects of PPC landing page images on the Clix Marketing blog, Andrea Taylor wrote about the more artistic side of choosing the correct images for these pages. Taylor lists seven tips such as using photos of people when possible, the power of mascots, and remaining consistent.

Dictionary of Ad Buying Key Terms and Acronyms

Mike O’Brien published a glossary of ad buying key terms and acronyms on Search Engine Watch. The glossary is separated into three sections that cover terms and phrases that come up before, during and after the buying experience.

Social Media

Want to Expand Your Reach? Effective Social Outreach Strategies for 11 Different Industries [New Data]

Lindsay Kolowich wrote about expanding social reach on Hubspot. Her article examines the best social networks to share content on, the best days to publish content, the most popular words to include in content, and the major thought leaders for eleven different industries.

Website Conversion Tracking and Remarketing Made Easier and More Flexible

Travis Lull posted on the Twitter blog about Twitter’s new universal website tag. Lull explains how the tag works, its performance in beta testing, and how users can get started using it.


8 SEO KPIs You Should Know and Act On Right Now

eight-seo-kpis-you-should-knowJim Bader of Vertical Measures identified eight SEO key performance indicators that anyone working in the field should be knowledgeable about and acting on. Bader provides a short explanation of each KPI’s importance, as well as the actions one should take to make use of them.

Meta Tags: Writing Meta Data for Search Results & CTRs

Aimee Beck wrote an article on The SEM Post about writing proper meta data for search results and CTRs. She quickly defines meta data before moving on to how to improve SERP CTR and the recipe behind strong SEO titles and meta descriptions.

Link Building

Manual Link Building’s 7 Worst Outreach Offenses

On Search Engine Land, Julie Joyce talked about improper outreach for manual link building. Joyce goes through seven examples of the worst outreach attempts and what lessons can be taken from them.

What Does Link Building In 2016 Look Like?

Barrie Smith explored link building strategies for small businesses in 2016 on Search Engine People. He dives into how SMBs can use assets, PR and relationships to build links relevant to desired keywords.

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