The Weekly Measure: Healthcare Social Media, Linkable Asset Quiz & Valuable Traffic

The Weekly Measure: Healthcare Social Media, Linkable Asset Quiz & Valuable Traffic

Every Friday, Vertical Measures gathers all the best content from across the web and compiles it into The Weekly Measure. We feature the entire spectrum of digital marketing, including content marketing, paid media, social media, search engine optimization, link building and email marketing. We also list the best conferences that will take place in that next few weeks. Keep with the Weekly Measure each week as we continue to provide you with the most current digital marketing news.

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Content Marketing

7 Content Marketing ROI Templates and Tools

– Marketing Insider Group


Without a workable content marketing ROI template and the right tools, getting the lucid insight you need from your analysis is tricky.

How to be a Content Marketing Winner 

– Content Marketing Institute


You can win even more at content marketing with the newest playbook, including great tips and inspiring brand examples, from Content Marketing Institute.

Paid Media

3 Simple Ways to Squeeze More Profit Out of AdWords eCommerce

– iSpionage


Lots of people are spending money on Google and Facebook ads, but not everyone knows how to squeeze the maximum profit out of their campaigns.

When To Just Say “No” To Bidding on Brand

– Search Engine Watch


Mike Turnham explains why brand bidding in PPC isn’t always the best option; a PPC manager will only add value by growing prospecting activity, not piggybacking.

Social Media

Social Media Lessons from the Best American Hospitals

– Convince & Convert


Hospitals with the most engaging social media strategies aren’t just using their channels as marketing machines—they’re creating healthier communities. Our new report explores how.

How to Work With an Instagram Influencer According to an Influencer

– Hootsuite


Want to know what it’s like to work with an Instagram influencer? Get the most important tips from Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee, a responsible fashion blog with over 45K Instagram followers.

Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Operators: The Complete List

– ahrefs


Do you want to know how to leverage Google for your SEO needs? Check out this list of 42 Google advanced search operators, plus 15 actionable ways to use them to accomplish specific SEO tasks.

How to Earn Google Featured Snippets for Mobile

– SEMrush


We analyzed 10 million mobile keywords and dissected 1.3 million featured snippets on Google. Check out the results and find out what you have to do obtain some featured snippets for your site.

Link Building

Is Your Piece of Content a Linkable Asset?

– Vertical Measures


We strive to create exceptional content that’s likely to acquire links. Do you know if your content is a linkable asset? Complete our quick quiz to find out.

How to Create & Use Data-Driven Content for Link Building

– Search Engine Journal


Data-driven content must be exciting, eye-catching, and unique. Here’s how to choose the right topic and create a powerful piece of content that attracts links naturally.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Use Conversion Rate Optimization to Gain More Value from your Traffic

– Vertical Measures


As users grow more accustomed to exceptional experiences, businesses offering poor experiences will suffer. Have you been testing your website to fine-tune UX?


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