The Weekly Measure: Guide to Content Formatting, PPC Lead Analysis Tips & Determining Link Value

The Weekly Measure: Guide to Content Formatting, PPC Lead Analysis Tips & Determining Link Value

The Weekly Measure strives to deliver the latest in content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building news each week to its readers. Also featured is a schedule of conferences featuring industry experts, including those from Vertical Measures. Keep pace with the Weekly Measure as we continue to bring you the latest in internet marketing news.

Content Marketing

The “Meta” Content Formatting Cheat Sheet Guide

Quinn Whissen of Vertical Measures posted a guide to formatting online articles on Marketing Land. The points Whissen covers are intended to help content writers decrease time spent editing, improve the overall quality of content and better optimize it for search.

You Just Published a Blog Post. Here Are the 14 Things You Need to Do Next.

Neil Patel wrote about the steps to take after publishing a blog post on Quick Sprout. He advises readers on fourteen tactics to implement to increase the exposure and circulation of one’s post.

Paid Search

How to Analyze Your PPC Lead Data (With 15 Mini Case Studies)

how-to-analyze-your-ppc-lead-dataKeegan Brown discussed how to analyze PPC lead data on the Vertical Measures blog. Brown’s lengthy post details fifteen data analysis methods that can help successfully segment lead data and determine which are converting better and the most profitable. At the end of his post, he provides a link a free download from Vertical Measures titled “How to Track Revenue from PPC Leads to Offline Sales”.

The Paid Searcher’s Guide To Brexit

Kelly Pollock looked into steps marketers should take in the wake of the recent Brexit vote in the United Kingdom on PPCHero. She repurposes co-CEO of Hanson Mclain Advisors, Scott Hanson’s, four point strategy for financial investors to fit the needs of the marketing world in regards to paid search campaigns.

Social Media

How Advertisers Are Using Emoji to Target You

Alyssa Bereznak focused on how advertisers are using emojis to target customers in her article on The Ringer. Bereznak doles out information on exactly how popular sites such as Twitter are using emojis to gather consumer data.

Reddit Is A Customer Research Gold Mine [Infographic]

Irfan Ahmad made a post on Social Media containing an infographic focusing on Reddit’s incredible usefulness as a customer research tool. The infographic covers Reddit basics such as user activity, how to search the site and posting etiquette to help marketers get the most out of their use of the site.


Keyword Research: The Ultimate Guide

Marieke van de Rakt gave readers an ultimate guide to keyword research on Yoast. She lays out the many steps in the keyword research process with in-depth explanations for each one.

What to Do if Someone Else Claimed Your Google My Business Listing

what-to-do-if-someone-claimed-your-google-my-business-listingIn a post on the Vertical Measures blog, Andre Willis coaches on what to do when placed in the situation where someone has taken your claim to your own Google My Business listing. Willis draws out a battle plan to aid in reclaiming your title and optimizing for future efficiency.

Link Building

Beware of Shady Link Schemes From Black-Hat SEOs

Tony Edward wrote an article about shady link schemes on Search Engine Land. He showcases an email forwarded to him by one of his clients to use as an example of black-hat link building and offers up sage advice on how to avoid temptations from offers too good to be true.

Which Kind of Links are Most Valuable for Higher Rankings?

Graham Charlton sought to answer the question of how to determine which links are most valuable for high rankings in his post on Search Engine Watch. Utilizing data from a study done by Glen Allsop of ViperChill, Charlton identifies the most viable link building tactics for 2016.

How to Do a Link Audit in 30 Minutes

Sergey Stefoglo posted about how to perform a link audit in thirty minutes on Distilled. Stefoglo begins by identifying the goal of a link audit, then dives into details of the process.

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