The Weekly Measure: Google Kool-Aid, PPC Spring Cleaning & Brand Comebacks

The Weekly Measure: Google Kool-Aid, PPC Spring Cleaning & Brand Comebacks

The Weekly Measure strives to deliver the latest in content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building news each week to its readers.

Content Marketing

How to Get Control of Your Digital Content: Lessons From Intel

Learn how Intel created a governance framework to manage its digital content and make a big impact on the company.

Content Strategy: Think Bigger With the Mega Post

It’s time to tilt your content strategy away from a constant stream of listicles, and towards the well researched, carefully crafted mega post.

Top Content Distribution Strategies for 2017

Mail Munch surveyed 297 marketers to find out their top content distribution strategies for 2017. This is what they found.

Paid Search

[Webinar] 8 Easy Landing Page Tactics to Increase Conversion Rate

You can optimize your PPC campaigns all you want but if your landing page isn’t effective in converting visitors, you are missing out on hundreds of new leads.

PPC Spring Cleaning: 5 Things You Should Take A Hard Look At In Your Accounts

Here are the top five things Clix Marketing reviewed and they recommend that you take some time to review as well!

New PPC Account Analysis For Beginners

A guide on where to start with a new account. What should you audit and which analysis should you perform?

Social Media

10 Risky Brand Comebacks on Social Media That Worked

Many brands have been unable to pass up on opportunities for a good burn. In these 10 situations, it paid off.

9 Creative Snapchat Ideas for Brands

Looking for ideas for your next Snapchat Story? Check out these filters and lenses to take your snaps to the next level.

How to Optimize Pinterest Content for Search : Social Media Examiner

Want to find the right keywords to rank in Pinterest search? Discover how to use Google’s Keyword Planner to research keywords and boost your visibility.


The Future of SEO Trends in 2017 & Beyond

Download this free guide that dives into how SEO is expected to change and grow in 2017 and beyond. Includes 6 expert predictions from industry insiders!

future of seo trends link preview

Successful SEO Strategy in 2017 Doesn’t Require Drinking Google Koolaid

As the leading search engine, Google tends to attempt to control website owners with fear. Learn how to navigate what they say, versus what really works for SEO.

Link Building

Your Daily SEO Fix: Link Building & Ranking Zero

Moz explores all things link building — plus how to find and track your keywords that are ripe for a SERP feature opportunity.

8 Modern Link Acquisition Tactics that Work

Are your link building efforts not working? Do not fret, many SEOs suffer the same issue. See new and refreshing modern link building tactics which actually work.

Selling the value of link building to management

You know that link building is necessary to achieve the results you want, but how do you sell the C-suite and secure budget? Columnist Andrew Dennis shares his advice.

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