The Weekly Measure: Google Analytics, The Content Journey & New Privacy Laws

The Weekly Measure: Google Analytics, The Content Journey & New Privacy Laws

Each week, Vertical Measures presents the Weekly Measure, a collection of the week’s latest updates in the content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building fields. Also provided is a handy schedule of internet marketing industry conferences taking place around the world. Keep with the Weekly Measure each week as we continue to provide you with the most current digital marketing news.

Content Marketing

Content Production: Today and Beyond

– Search Engine Journal

When content production is saturated, what can you do to get a return on your content investment? Focus on producing these types of content to get links and shares.

How 3 Content Brands Tackle Their Toughest Internal Challenges

– Content Marketing Institute

Lauded brands share how they prove content marketing’s value, manage their tech stacks, and handle team-related challenges.

Paid Media

How New Privacy Laws Can Affect Your Lead Generation and Retargeting Tactics

– Vertical Measures

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a landmark EU privacy compliance regulation starting May 25th, 2018. The new regulations apply to any business.

Lost and Found PPC Reporting Metrics in the Next Facebook Update

– Clix Marketing

Review the ad metrics in Facebook that will be leaving in mid-summer and which metrics you should use instead.

Social Media

How to Delete Your Facebook Account, Group, or Page

– HubSpot

Here’s how to delete or deactivate your Facebook account, or delete a group or page you’ve created. If you’re sure you’re ready to leave the world’s most popular social media network, it’s a simple process.

Pinterest Business Profiles to Display Total Monthly Viewers

– SEarch Engine Journal

Pinterest is making several changes to the appearance of business profiles, including the addition of a monthly viewer statistic.

Search Engine Optimization

3 Powerful Tactics for Targeting on the Google Display Network

– SEMrush

Does the Google Display Network (GDN) work? Natalie Barreda, an agency marketer with almost a decade of experience in paid search, says it can work — if you apply these three powerful tactics.

The Top 12 Easy-to-Use SEO Tools of 2018

– HubSpot

Learn about 12 tools that can help you easily optimize your website for search engines and boost your organic traffic this year.


Best Practices for Creating Goals in Google Analytics

– Vertical Measures

Are you looking to capitalize on traffic coming to your website? Learn how to set up effective goals in Google Analytics with this step-by-step guide.

Road Map to Success: Monitoring and Measuring Your Content’s Performance

– Content Marketing Institute

Road Map to Success: Monitoring and Measuring Your Content’s Performance.

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