The Weekly Measure: Going Viral, History of Spam & Blog Post Anatomy

The Weekly Measure: Going Viral, History of Spam & Blog Post Anatomy

Each week, Vertical Measures presents the Weekly Measure, a collection of the week’s latest updates in the content marketing, PPC, social media, SEO, link building and email marketing fields.

Content Marketing

The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

– Hubspot


What elements should every blog post include? Learn more about the anatomy of the perfect blog post here.

7 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Lacks Content and Strategy

– Marketing Insider Group


Here are the top seven reasons why your content marketing strategy needs a reboot.

Paid Search

Exploit These 3 Powerful Motivators for Better PPC Ad Copy

– Search Engine Journal


Adding powerful motivators to your ad copy can improve your PPC campaign performance. Here’s how to exploit incentives, herding, and availability bias.

Google Attribution: What Search Marketers Need to Know

– Search Engine Land


The new attribution solution announced last week offers more insights and functionality than currently available in AdWords or Analytics.

Social Media

8 Powerful Tips for Going Viral on LinkedIn Pulse

– Act-On


Do you want to create viral content on LinkedIn Pulse? Use these powerful tips to boost your odds.

The Things Brands Do on Social Media That People Hate

– Hootsuite


Hootsuite asked their Twitter followers what they felt are the biggest social media no-nos that brands commit. These are the results.

Search Engine Optimization

What Are Your Customers Thinking? Search Secrets Hiding in Plain Sight



Want to read your customers’ minds? Get as close as possible by using these resources hiding in plain sight.

YouTube SEO: How to Optimize Videos for YouTube Search

– Hubspot


Learn about the seven most important things to optimize for YouTube search.

Link Building

Should SEOs Care About Internal Links?

– Moz


Learn how to analyze, optimize, and structure your internal links (and put the kibosh on out-of-date tactics) in this Whiteboard Friday.

Google Warns Against Link Building Via Articles & Guest Posts

– The SEM Post


Google has issued a new warning to site owners about utilizing spammy articles as a link building technique.


The History of Spam in Marketing

– Act-On


Ever wonder how the term “spam” came to be? Learn more about the history of spam in marketing and what’s being done to battle unsolicited junk messages.

8 Things Any Good Marketer Should Know About Email



Email addresses are the most important currency for any marketing program. Learn why and how you can maximize your program.

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