The Weekly Measure: Going Potty on Social Media, Local SEO Tips & Millennial Advice

The Weekly Measure: Going Potty on Social Media, Local SEO Tips & Millennial Advice

The Weekly Measure is your weekly one-stop source for digital marketing news. Each week we cover the latest from the content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building fields. Also included is a continually updated schedule of events and conferences taking place around the world. Keep up each week with the Weekly Measure as we continue to deliver the latest in internet marketing news.

Content Marketing

Competitive Website Audit: 6 Key Things to Look For

Don’t let your business operate in a digital silo! Read on for a comprehensive list of tools and tricks you can use to analyze your competitors’ websites.

This Millennial Content Marketing Boss Has 5 Great Tips To Create Excellent Branded Content

If your brand is struggling to get a handle on what content to create next, then read this advice from a Forbes Under 30 entrepreneur to learn the type of content your audience will love.

Paid Search

The Greatest PPC Comeback of All Time?

Attention football fans! Take a journey with Lauren as she walks through a PPC comeback story including football metaphors!

SEO vs PPC Landing Pages – what do they do and why do you need both of them?

To effectively attract and convert your prospects, your landing pages must be tailored to different goals.

Social Media

Going Potty for Facebook: How a Toilet Paper Brand Won Social

With the right strategy and content, any brand can find a loyal audience in social. If a toilet paper brand can do it, so can you.

How to Keep Up With Social Media News & Trends

Learn a few tips and tricks for staying up to date with social media trends.


3 local SEO tips that deliver business results

Looking to optimize your business website for local search, but not sure where to start? Columnist Ryan Shelley provides some tips for beginners.

Unconfirmed Google algorithm update may be better at discounting links and spam

Did Google update their Penguin algorithm? Did Google block private blog network links? Something happened. We bring you our theories.

Link Building

40+ Questions to Ask When Vetting Link Building Agencies

Do you plan to hire an SEO agency in 2017? If so, this post will help you vet potential agencies and know the right questions to ask to make sure you have an ideal partner.

Why You Should Steal My Daughter’s Playbook for Effective Email Outreach

If effective email outreach is core element of successful online marketing, it’s time we stepped up our game and made the needs of others—not the needs of our brands—the priority.

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