The Weekly Measure: Excel Tips for SEO, LEGO’s Social Content Strategy & Obtaining Authoritative Links

The Weekly Measure: Excel Tips for SEO, LEGO’s Social Content Strategy & Obtaining Authoritative Links

Once again the Weekly Measure is back to relay the latest in content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building news. As always, we include a list of industry conferences to help our readers take their education to the next level. Continue with the Weekly Measure every week as we spotlight changes, developments and advancements in the internet marketing field.

Content Marketing

NYC Sanitation, Scotch Tape & More: 10 Companies With Unexpectedly Good Twitter Content

Amanda Zantal-Wiener analyzed the Twitter content from ten companies in seemingly bland industries such as sanitation. She looks at their content creation strategies and how marketers can follow their example to find unique ways to utilize the social platform to market their own products.

LEGO Shares Building Blocks for Social Media Content Fans Love

Clare McDermott posted on Content Marketing Institute about social content tips from the LEGO company. McDermott relays an interview with LEGO global director of social media and search, Lars Silberbauer’s, via Chief Content Officer magazine.

Paid Search

Brand Name Promotion – PPC Text Advert Strategy #1

Will Green wrote about PPC advert structure on He sums up the benefits of the brand name promotion strategy and how to build out the advert text.

Adwords Event Recap: Device-Specific Big Adjustments

Emma Franks offered a recap of Google’s recent Adwords-focused on-air hangout on PPC Hero. Franks provides the key takeaways from the broadcast on device-specific bid adjustments as well as the Q&A session.

Social Media

Facebook Disarms Ad-Blockers, Works to Improve Ad Relevance with New Options

Andrew Hutchinson discussed Facebook’s new approach to ads on Social Media Today. Hutchinson talks about the new updates to the Ad Preferences system and move towards disregarding users’ ad blocking software settings.

Why Snapchat Is Here to Stay

Ruth Arber’s article on Social Media Today focused on Snapchat. Arber details the statistics behind the app’s usage and why it will continue to be a social juggernaut.


Use These 5 Basic Excel Functions to Make Smart SEO Decisions

five-basic-excel-functions-for-smarter-seoChris Humphrey of Vertical Measures posted about basic Excel functions that can help make the life of an SEO professional a bit easier. He reviews five functions and how they can be immediately applied to the SEO process.

A Complete Guide to SEO Conversions and Metrics

Aleh Barysevich published a section of Search Engine Journal’s under construction SEO Guide on the site’s blog. This portion of the guide covers SEO conversions and metrics, mainly how to track progress and determine conversion goals from particular tactics.

Link Building

Are Links Still a Powerful Search Ranking Factor?

Eric Enge made a post on Convince & Convert about the status of links as a powerful search ranking factor. Drawing information from the Moz Ranking Factors Survey, Stone Temple Consulting study and Convince & Convert link study, Enge relates the positive role links play into the grand scheme of rankings.

10 Organic SEO Hacks to Get More Authoritative Links

Andrew Raso wrote an article on Search Engine Journal about how to obtain more authoritative links. Raso lists ten out-of-the-box methods for building higher quality, relevant and ultimately more valuable links.

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