The Weekly Measure: Examining Viral Content, Visual PPC & Manual Link Building

The Weekly Measure: Examining Viral Content, Visual PPC & Manual Link Building

As the Internet marketing world is constantly presenting new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers, the best ideas are compiled into the Weekly Measure. Each week we seek after these ideas from around the web, looking for topics concerning content marketing, paid search, link building, SEO, social media, and highlights of upcoming internet marketing webinars and conferences. We look forward to helping you stay on top of the latest marketing information.

This week’s Measure will be slightly shorter as we wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 

Content Marketing

Want to Add More Participation to You Content? Follow These 5 Keys to Success [Guide]

Ashley Zeckman published a guide on increasing participation in one’s content on the TopRank blog. She offers five keys to success for participation marketing as well as examples of participation marketing in action.

What Makes Content Viral? A Look at Mashable’s Velocity App

what-is-content-coachingKellie Phong of Vertical Measures posted about viral content and what makes certain pieces of content spread like fire. Phong examines Mashable’s new Velocity app which supposedly can predict which pieces of content will go viral, and looks at one hundred pieces of content flagged by the app’s system to see if such a thing can really be done.

Paid Search

PPC Has Gone Visual, Have You?

Michelle Morgan wrote about visual PPC on the Clix Marketing blog. She offers four tips to help get started down the path towards taking advantage of image based ads and getting a leg up on the competition.

Social Media

Clutter-Free Social: How to Clean Up Your Social Media Life

Dara Fontein made a post on Hootsuite about cleaning up and organizing social media accounts. Fontein discusses the results of decluttering and streamlining one’s social media presence and proposes several ways to go about the process.


Even If A Brand Can’t Do SEO, It Can Still Do Local SEO

Andrew Shotland wrote an article on Search Engine Land about local SEO. Scotland explains why broader SEO programs may hit roadblocks and the benefits behind taking SEO efforts to the local level.

Link Building

6 Steps to a Successful Link Building Strategy

Marieke van de Rakt looked at how to put together a successful link building strategy on Yoast. Her six step strategy includes getting to know one’s audience, matching content to websites and utilizing social media.

2016: Manual Link Building & SEO

On Search Engine Land, Andrew Dennis talked about why he believes link building is here to stay throughout 2016 and beyond. He first delves into the evolution of link building before elaborating on why link building won’t be completely replaced by things such as content marketing in the foreseeable future.

Upcoming Events

December 8-9: Digital Summit – Dallas, Texas

  • Join Quinn Whissen for a half-day pre-conference workshop on “The Proven 8-Step Formula to Content Marketing”.

February 8-9: Digital Summit – Phoenix, Arizona

  • Don’t miss Arnie Kuenn’s half-day pre-conference workshop on “The Proven 8-Step Formula to Content Marketing”. Arnie will also be speaking on “Forget Keywords – Here’s How To Produce Content to Grow Your Business”.

February 24-25: Pubcon SFIMA – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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