The Weekly Measure: Email Marketing, Google Authorship, & Link Building

The Weekly Measure: Email Marketing, Google Authorship, & Link Building


The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.


8 Content Marketing Use Cases Mapped To The Vendor Landscape

Pawan Deshpande of Curata shared that with the growing content marketing landscape comes selecting the right content marketing tools. The name of the game according to Deshpande is to assessing individual vendor capabilities.

A Lesson For B-to-B From Consumer Marketing: Brand Does Matter

Brian Rafferty of AdAge explains why brand does matter in B-to-B consumer marketing. Rafferty stresses the importance of brands aligning their core purpose along with the impact the consumer finds tangible. Taking a more consumer approach to marketing will help your brand succeed according to Rafferty.

How Kele Developed a Personalized Email Strategy

Jennifer Igartua of Bluewolf explains how Kele developed a personalized email strategy. Igartua suggests defining buyer profiles and segmentation strategy, then you can determine your email marketing ROI and a way to continue.

Useful and Easy Gets More People Sharing Your Content

Clement Delangue of Mention explains how useful and easy gets more people sharing your content. Delangue stresses the importance of your content being useful to your audience. Making sharing easy, giving the audience a reason to share, and rewarding people for sharing are keys in content marketing according to Delangue.

You Are Not a Publisher: 5 Metrics Better Than Page Views           You Are Not a Publisher: 5 Metrics Better than Page Views

David Gould of Vertical Measures shares 5 metrics better than page views. Gould suggests using bounce rate, exit rate, average time on page, traffic sources, and social reports. Gould stresses getting in the publisher mindset to drive your content marketing production.


Suggestions for Herding Multiple PPC Accounts

Kayla Kurtz of Hanepin Marketing shares suggestions for herding multiple PPC accounts. Kurtz stresses how most, if not all, advertisers use Adwords to manage their accounts. According to Kurtz, it’s still worth it to run multiple accounts granted time is taken into account.

8 Actionable AdWords Tips for PPC Managers

Diana Becerra of Bruce Clay, Inc. suggests a solid account built on a firm understanding of your website’s navigation and existing data is the basis for improved reporting & performance. According to Becerra, you should leverage the search query report, implement ad extensions, test, track, and more!


How to Use +Post Ads from Google: What Marketers Need to Know

Marcela De Vivo of explains how to use +Post ads from Google. According to De Vivo, +Post ads can help you get your content to millions of people… and the right people. They work by paying to promote your valuable Google+ content as an ad on relevant third-party websites. De Vivo suggests using compelling images/videos, powerful content, and call-to-action content to compel your audience.

How to Improve Your Facebook Sidebar Ads: 6 Tips to More Clicks

Jim Belosic of ShortStack shares 6 tips to improve your Facebook sidebar ads. The key is to design click-worthy ads with a visual appeal. Belosic suggests showing human faces within each ad, using text overlay, adding video play buttons, including savings and solutions, using subtle calls-to-action, and keeping it simple.

How to Increase Your Instagram Visibility: 5 Tips

Zach Kitschke of Canva explains how to increase your Instagram visibility. According to Kitschke, Instagram gets more engagement than Facebook or Twitter. Kitschke suggests highlighting user-generated content, keeping your online personality intact, using Hashtags for listening and reach, and more!

Are You Wasting Your Time on Twitter? Four Ways to Make It Count

Sonja Jobson of Sonja Jobson Media shares four ways to make your time on Twitter count. Jobson explains you must have a solid website to benefit in sales from your Twitter audience. Jobson also suggests to share your own thoughts, stop playing the numbers game, and take a lead.


How Google Authorship will continue to change the search paradigm

Tom Rusling of iAcquire explains how Google Authorship will continue to change the search paradigm. By connecting a person’s Google+ profile to their content, it allows them to establish an author rank granted they consistently post content. Rusling suggests that a website’s trust metrics remains a strong signal.

Not Even Big Brands Are Safe From Google Panda

Lee Jackson of Webpresence explains that not even big brands are safe from Google Panda. Jackson explains how last week’s Panda 4.0 updated impacted eBay, and their search results. Jackson stresses the importance for big brands to create quality content to please search engines. Keeping your content honest will result in the ultimate connection with your audience according to Jackson.

“Be honest with your content and use that as a step to influence the rest of your site. Be honest in your product descriptions, provide clear and crisp photos of the items your selling, and make your website better to use than your competitors.” – Lee Jackson, Webpresence

New to Digital Marketing? Why Local Is The Only Place To Start

James Challis of koozai explains why local is the only place to start if you are new to digital marketing. According to Challis, customers are more likely to trust a business with a local address. People are more likely to support a local business according and content creation becomes more creative with local focus in mind.

The Top 5 Off-Page Optimization Factors

Chris Ainsworth of High Position shares the top 5 off-page optimization factors. Ainsworth suggests building a community with social media, and using that as a legitimate marketing tool. Expose your business through local, promote local citation & maintain NAP consistency, and few other factors.


The New Emphasis on Link Building: What’s Behind It And How To React

Tom Schmitz of Schmitz Marketing shares thoughts about the new emphasis on link building. According to Schmitz, good link building is still required for websites to rank. Social signals shouldn’t be used as a formula for link building exclusively. Search engines still hold value pertaining to links. Schmitz suggests a combination of link building and content marketing.

Google’s Matt Cutts: One Page With Two Links To Same Page; We Counted the First Link

Barry Schwartz writing for Search Engine Roundtable explains the latest from Google’s Matt Cutts concerning one page with two links to the same page. According to Schwartz, Matt Cutts said PageRank flows to each link individually, anchor text usually varies, and would have counted only on the first link per the year 2009.


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