The Weekly Measure: Editorial Calendar Prioritization, Facebook Cracks Down on Fake News & the Art of Outreach for Link Development

The Weekly Measure: Editorial Calendar Prioritization, Facebook Cracks Down on Fake News & the Art of Outreach for Link Development

The Weekly Measure is back again with the latest buzz in the content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building worlds. Also included in information on upcoming national and international conferences featuring industry experts, including those from Vertical Measures, ready to impart their knowledge on those eager to learn the finer workings of these subjects. Bookmark the Weekly Measure and keep checking back every week for your digital marketing news fix.

Content Marketing

How to Boost Conversions With Content Upgrades

Emil Kristensen wrote on Sleeknote about how to boost customer conversions into email leads with content upgrades. Kristensen elaborates upon nineteen different types of content upgrades and the many ways in which they can be used, not only in blog posts, but also on e-commerce websites.

Four Ways to Prioritize Topics on Your Editorial Calendar [INFOGRAPHIC]

four-ways-to-prioritize-topics-on-your-editorial-calendar-infographicDan Dannenberg made a post containing an infographic on the Vertical Measures blog about prioritizing one’s editorial calendar. The infographic details four prompts to use to decide which content to publish first.

Paid Search

(New) Ways to Reach Prospects in Your PPC Account

new-ways-reach-prospects-ppc-accountHeather Post posted on LunaMetrics on reaching new prospects within one’s PPC account. Post lists six fresh techniques for attracting new faces.

How to Better Work with Clients Across Multiple Time Zones

Bryan Gaynor wrote an article on PPC Hero about working with clients across multiple time zones. He talks about the need for schedule synching and flexibility in order to make things flow properly.

Social Media

The Battle for Traffic: Organic SEO vs. Social Media Marketing

Alexandra Tachalova posted on Moz about whether organic SEO and social media marketing (SMM) relation to driving traffic. Tachalova dives deep into the idea that SMM corresponds to SEO and indirectly influences website performance in Google.

Fake News Sites Banned From Facebook Ad Network

Danny Goodwin wrote about the recent crackdown on fake news sites by Facebook on Search Engine Journal. He explains the social giant’s reason behind the ban and what it means for its algorithm problem with detecting falsified news.


SEO Basics: What Does Google Do?

On Yoast, Marieke van de Rakt sought to answer the seeminly simply question of what Google does. She lays out the details behind the search engines algorithms, SERPs and the value placed on links.

Why Link Outreach Teams Have the Most Difficult Job in the Agency

Ian Bowden explained the importance of the outreach aspect of link development on Search Engine Land. Bowden’s article reinforces the idea that outreach is a tough, yet essential, element of a strong SEO campaign.

Link Building

How to Avoid an Outbound Link Penalty from Google

Tony Edward posted about how to avoid outbound link penalties from Google on Search Engine Land. Edward stresses the importance of monitoring outbound links and how to fix any penalties that may arise.

The Art of Email Outreach for Link Building

Lisa Zheng wrote about the art behind crafting strong link development outreach on Search Engine People. She reviews four types of high-converting emails and tips on what to include in them.

Upcoming Events

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