The Weekly Measure: Content Strategy in 2016, the State of Social Media & How a CDN Works

The Weekly Measure: Content Strategy in 2016, the State of Social Media & How a CDN Works

Each week we diligently seek out the best new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers and bring them together into the Weekly Measure. This compilation hosts articles ranging from content marketing, social media, paid search, SEO, link building, and highlights of upcoming Internet marketing conferences and webinars. We look forward to keeping you updated every week.

Content Marketing

SearchFest 2016 Mini-Interview: Arnie Kuenn

Ahead of SearchFest 2016, Todd Mintz posted a brief interview with event presenter, CEO of Vertical Measures, Arnie Kuenn. Kuenn answers questions on his background, the definition of content strategy and how to measure the effectiveness of a content piece.

How To Make 2016 Your Best Content Marketing Year Ever

Quinn Whissen of Vertical Measures wrote on Marketing Land about continuing with a solid content marketing strategy in the new year. She discusses five areas that companies can improve upon going forward to ensure continued success.

What Brand Content Creators Can Learn from Alan Moore

Ashley Taylor Anderson used visionary comic writer Alan Moore as a source content creators should look to for inspiration in an article on Ceros. Anderson dives into four of Moore’s most popular works and what lessons writers can take away from them to help develop stronger content.

46 Expert Secrets For Creating Addictive Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sara McGuire shared an infographic on how to create addictive content to hook one’s audience. Tips from forty-six content marketing experts such as Vertical Measures CEO Arnie Kuenn, Neil Patel and Lee Odden are included within the infographic.

Paid Search

Use Micro Moments to Improve Your PPC Strategy

Jill DuPre wrote an article on the Clix Marketing Blog about improving PPC strategies using micro moments. DuPre details different types of micro moments and how they can be used to understand the mindset of potential customers.

Take A Deeper Dive Into The PPC Sales Process

Daniel Friscia looked into the PPC sales process on PPC Hero. He goes through questions one should ask of potential clients and the information that should be taken from them in order to improve the filtering and onboarding process.

Social Media

The State of Social: Kicking Off 2016

Bob Hutchins posted on Buzzplant about social media trends to look out for in 2016. Hutchins talks about the most popular social platforms and their engagement rates as well as challenges brands face from them.

23 Tools and Tips for Social Media Marketers

Michael Stelzner listed twenty-three useful social media tools on Social Media Examiner. The tools listed can assist marketers in streamlining daily social tasks and help increase the visibility of brands.


International Domain Structures and SEO: What Works Best?

Graham Carlton wrote about international domain structures on Search Engine Watch. Carlton looks at the pros and cons of different domain structures and how big brands with multiple websites across different countries such as Nike utilize them.

SEO 202 Series: What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and How Can it Impact SEO?

what-is-a-cdnIn the fifth video of Vertical Measures’ SEO 202 series posted by Brynna Baldauf, the impact a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can have on SEO is examined. The video defines what a CDN is, the benefits it can have on rankings and load times and potential downsides to its use.

Link Building

How to Create a Varied and Natural Backlink Profile

Matt Banner published a story on the Majestic blog about how to create a varied and natural backlink profile. Banner begins with five link building mistakes that should be avoided before moving into what to look for in a quality site and key tips for crafting quality links.

6 Link Building Resources to Enhance Search Engine Rankings

Emma Watson posted on PromotionWorld about how to use link building to enhance search engine rankings. She goes over six resources to use to get the most out of the strategy.

Upcoming Events

February 8-9: Digital Summit – Phoenix, Arizona

  • Don’t miss Arnie Kuenn’s half-day pre-conference workshop on “The Proven 8-Step Formula to Content Marketing”. Arnie will also be speaking on “Forget Keywords – Here’s How To Produce Content to Grow Your Business”

February 24-25: Pubcon SFIMA – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

March 1-3: SMX West – San Jose, California

March 1-3: ICON16 – Phoenix, Arizona

March 10: SearchFest – Portland, Oregon

March 15-17: LeadsCon – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Be sure to check out Arnie Kuenn’s half-day workshop on “The Proven 8-Step Formula to Content Marketing” as well as his presentation on research tactics for content topics.
Glen Fisher

Glen comes to Vertical Measures with experience in the Arizona entertainment industry that helped him discover his natural flair for marketing and fueled his desire to pursue a career in the field.