The Weekly Measure: Content Promotion, Bing Accreditation & How to Find Good Topics for Infographics

The Weekly Measure: Content Promotion, Bing Accreditation & How to Find Good Topics for Infographics

The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.

Content Marketing

Sponsored Content: 12 Tools to Help You Get Started

sponsored-content-toolsChad Pollitt wrote an article about sponsored content on Social Media Today. Citing several studies, Pollit writes on the growth of sponsored content’s popularity as well as its challenges. He then provides information on twelve useful tools and networks such as BlogHer and Hubspot to make getting started with it easier.

How to Drive Real ROI with Content Promotion

how-to-drive-real-roi-with-content-promotion Zach Etten of Vertical Measures wrote an article discussing paid content promotion. Etten begins by providing details on the four major sections of a content promotion plan such as producing the right content. He then reviews and offers tips on several promotion platforms such as Google Remarketing and Facebook.

The State of Content Marketing Heading Into 2015

why-your-content-sabotaging-lead-generationJordan Teicher posted on Contently about an eighteen question survey conducted of six hundred and one marketer’s fears, goals, and plans for 2015. He writes about the methodology, key findings, and results and analysis of the survey.

How to Find Good Topics for Infographics [VIDEO]

how-to-find-good-topicsDaniel Dannenberg of Vertical Measures made a post containing a video on finding good topics for infographics. In the video, Dannenberg discusses finding a topic, running topics through resource sites, and how to utilize Google in the information seeking process.

Paid Search

3 Things You Can Do To Push Through Your PPC Plateau

Pauline Jakober posted on Search Engine Land about how to revitalize a long term PPC campaign that has appeared to have plateaued. Jakober lists and explains three ways to push through this plateau such as pretending the account is new, making proactive research a process, and discovering trending keywords monthly. In addition she adds a special bonus tip at the end of her article.

Your Simplest Path To Passing The Bing Accreditation Exam

simplest-path-to-passing-bing-examOn PPC Hero, Carrie Albright posted a detailed article of information meant to aid in passing the Bing accreditation exam. She opens her article by explaining the basics of the exam such as exactly what it will cover. She then discusses key exam concepts ranging from beginner’s to advanced material as well as reviewing newer concepts that have been added to the exam.

Social Media

10 Tools To Give Your Instagram Campaign a Boost

Albert Costill contributed to Search Engine Journal about enhancing Instagram campaigns. Costill provides a list of ten platforms and apps to take advantage of Instagram’s newest features, which he discusses in the beginning of his post.

How to Measure Your Social Media ROI Using Google Analytics

simplest-path-to-passing-bing-examNichole Kelly wrote an article on Social Media Examiner discussing how to measure social media ROI using Google Analytics. Kelly offers a three step guide including creating a custom segment, isolating social media users in the data set, and analyzing data.


Google Updates CAPTCHA API to Weed Out Robots

Ashley Zeckman posted on Search Engine Watch about Google’s CAPTCHA API update. In her post, she discusses the need for CAPTCHAs and how they function post-update

Local Search Marketers: Optimize Your Physical Location For The Virtual World

google-validate-street-addresses Chris Silver Smith posted an article on Search Engine Land discussing Google’s newest developments involving the analyzation of exterior storefronts that can effect ranking. He discusses Google’s using real-world data to pinpoint locations, a new Google patent for identifying addresses, how Google is incorporating human input, and the overall impact on local search marketers.

Link Building

Need to Know: New SEO vs. Old SEO (Infographic)

Joe Lazauskas made a post on Contently containing an infographic created by Neil Patel showcasing the evolution of SEO. The infographic compares old and new practices and how they have changed in relation to link building as well as the overall mindset of SEO, keywords, and content.

5 Easy Link Building Tactics for Small Business

five-easy-link-building-tacticsOn Search Engine Journal, Jon Ball wrote an article on link building tactics for small businesses. In his article, Ball includes five easy to understand tactics such as link reclamation and relevant niche directories.

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