The Weekly Measure: Content Marketing Culture, Social Referrals & How to Scale Manual Link Building

The Weekly Measure: Content Marketing Culture, Social Referrals & How to Scale Manual Link Building

Looking for a compilation of this week’s best strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers? Look no further! Vertical Measures is constantly on the lookout for the best articles from the web and compiles it into the Weekly Measure. These articles cover content marketing, SEO, link building, social media, and paid search, and we’ll also update you with upcoming Internet marketing conferences and webinars. Stay with the Measure this week and the next for the finest content we hope to help you and your company.

Vertical Measures wishes everyone a fun, safe and happy holiday weekend!

Content Marketing

Is Viral Content Making You Sick?

Jonathan Crossfield wrote about viral content marketing on Content Marketing Institute. Crossfield looks at failed attempts by brands to generate viral content to back up the idea that there is no specific way to guarantee viral spread and that the concept in itself is completely subjective.

How to Create and Maintain a Culture of Content Marketing

creating-and-maintaining-a-culture-of-content Drew Eastmead of Vertical Measures posted on why businesses should be developing a content marketing culture in order to put their marketing efforts on the right track. Eastmead writes on how to convince leadership to make this culture shift as well as how to maintain it once it has been implemented.

Content Marketing Tactics: Influencer Content Pros, Cons, Examples and Best Practices

Caitlin Burgess published an article on the TopRank blog about influencer content. She delves into its pros, cons, examples of the strategy at work and best practices.

Paid Search

[New Infographic!] What America’s Fastest Growing Companies Spend in Google AdWords

Jamie Newton shared an infographic on PPC Hero. Created in a collaboration between SEM Rush and Hanapin Marketing, the infographic covers what some of the fastest growing companies in numerous industries are spending on their PPC marketing and the returns they are getting on their investments.

Social Media

How Brands Are Successfully Using Content on Social Media

Jessica Oaks wrote an article on the value of posting high quality content to social media. Oaks examines four major brands utilizing content and what businesses looking to start their own social media campaigns and building their social presences can learn from them.

How Social Referrals Impact Your Organic Traffic

Chris Mikulin looked at how social referrals impact organic traffic on Convince and Convert. He explains how to segment this audience in Google Analytics and Heap Analytics in order to give social the credit it deserves in generating traffic and conversions.


Expand Your Search Presence with External Sites

Dan Bagby posted on Search Engine Land about expanding SEO efforts beyond one’s own site. Bagby explores how to optimize social profiles, Pinterest, YouTube and Yelp in order to get them to rank a brand in search and increase its exposure.

The 101 Of SEO: 10 Basic Lessons

On Forbes, AJ Agrawal wrote about SEO basics to help familiarize the uninitiated as they begin their journey into implementing it into their marketing strategy. The ten basic lessons covered include identifying keywords, image description optimization and proper URL structure.

Link Building

Scaling Manual Link Building

Andrew Dennis discussed how to scale manual link building on Search Engine Land. With human effort being rather difficult to scale, Dennis suggests larger link building teams as a means to meet this end.

Upcoming Events

February 8-9: Digital Summit – Phoenix, Arizona

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  • Be sure to check out Arnie Kuenn’s half-day workshop on “The Proven 8-Step Formula to Content Marketing” as well as his presentation on research tactics for content topics.
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