The Weekly Measure: Content Ideation Tools, PPC Game Theory & Daily Hashtag Guide

The Weekly Measure: Content Ideation Tools, PPC Game Theory & Daily Hashtag Guide

The Weekly Measure offers up a compilation of internet marketing news every Friday. Topics covered include content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building. We are always on the lookout for the latest articles, videos, blog posts and other industry related content. Make the Weekly Measure your one stop news source as we continue to provide the latest in industry trends!

Content Marketing

5 Free Content Marketing Idea Generation Tools That Work

content-marketing-idea-generation-tools-that-workJoshua Leimkuehler of Vertical Measures posted about content marketing ideation. He lists five idea generation tools to help jump start and bolster content creation.

WTF Does Mark Hamill Know About Content Marketing

Michael Brenner highlighted the upcoming Content Marketing World’s keynote speaker Mark Hamill on Marketing Insider Group. Brenner examines the relationship between the actor’s career with content marketing.

Paid Search

How to Apply Game Theory in PPC Marketing

Larry Kim wrote about the application of game theory to PPC on WordStream. He puts forward strategies for marketers to follow to properly apply the theory to the AdWords auction.

Selling the Click vs. Selling the Product: Which Strategy is More Effective for a Text-Based PPC Ad?

Paul Cheney looked at text-based PPC ads on the MarketingExperiments blog. Cheney puts two strategies side by side to determine which is the most effective.

Social Media

Daily Hashtags Explained: What They Mean and How to Use Them

Emily Copp posted an article about daily hashtags on Hootsuite. She explains what they are and how companies can properly implement them into their social postings organically.

Pokemon Go Makes Data Sexy Again

pokemon-go-makes-data-sexy-againJack Bullock examined the effects Pokémon Go has had on data on MarketingProfs. Bullock discusses how the app’s creator, Niantic, has reshaped how companies view and capture data and what this means for the future of data collection.


Using Popular Culture to Drive Local Positioning

using-popular-culture-drive-local-positioning Lydia Jordan wrote an article on Search Engine Land about how businesses can use popular culture trends to drive SERP positioning. She takes two examples of local businesses capitalizing on pop culture trends and how similar activities can elevate local listing positioning.

A Complete Guide to Keyword Research

Roger Montti offered up a keyword research guide on Search Engine Journal. The guide aims to enlighten readers on the continued importance of keywords and provide an understanding of how search engines use them.

Link Building

How to Follow Up on Link Requests

Julie Joyce made a post on Search Engine Land about link outreach follow-up. Joyce looks to show how to perform effective follow-up without coming off as spammy or annoying with contacts.

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