The Weekly Measure: Content Coaching, Promoting Linkable Assets & Utilizing Snapchat for Brands

The Weekly Measure: Content Coaching, Promoting Linkable Assets & Utilizing Snapchat for Brands

Every week, new ideas from the Internet marketing world surface regarding innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. The best of these ideas are compiled into the Weekly Measure, and topics include paid search, link building, content marketing, social media, SEO, and highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars. We at Vertical Measures look forward to helping you stay connected every week.

Content Marketing

How Can Content Marketing Improve Your Sales?

can-content-marketing-improve-your-salesMike Huber posted about improving sales with content marketing on the Vertical Measures blog. Huber compares one’s content with a salesperson and looks at seven ways content marketing can bolster and raise sales.

What is Content Coaching and How Can It Help My Business?

what-is-content-coachingDrew Eastmead wrote about how content coaching can help businesses. He examines the practice and the important role it can play in business strategy. At the end of his post, he provides a link to a free download of Vertical Measures’ Coaching Program Overview.

Paid Search

Smart Keyword Mining And Growth Is Still Important

Sarah Stemen covered mining new keywords on PPC Hero. Within her post, she lists five ways to add new insight and information into one’s account as well as how to promote a keyword growth strategy for clients.

Mommy, Why Is My New Toy Broken? #PPCLifeLessons

John Lee reflected on some recently released target ad features from companies such as Facebook and Google. He discusses how he feels some of these features have fallen short and looks to ways they can be improved.

Social Media

How Brands Can Take Advantage of Snapchat (Infographic)

Zach Bulygo shared an infographic on KISSmetrics about how big brands can use Snapchat. The infographic covers demographic data, the growth of the app’s user base, brands already using it, types of content brands can publish and best practices for brand communication.

[Infographic] Back on the Yellow Brick Road: Getting Customers Who’ve Strayed To Re-engage

Brian Glover wrote about customer reengagement on Marketo, utilizing a lengthy infographic created by the team at Column Five. Themed after the Wizard of Oz, the infographic takes readers down the yellow brick road towards getting customers reengaged with one’s company or products.


How to Devise a Psychology Based SEO Strategy?

On, Michael Evans wrote about psychology based SEO strategy. He talks about how to implement the two together to help better understand the requirements of one’s customers and cater to them in the best way possible.

Psst! These Keyword Opportunities Are Sitting Right Under Your Nose

Stephen Spencer posted on Search Engine Land about finding new keywords. Spencer shares his advice for digging up new opportunities from existing data.

Link Building

How to Use Mention Monitoring as an Effective Link Building Technique

Razvan Gavrilas posted about using mention monitoring as a link building technique. Gavrilas goes through how to turn a mention of a brand or product from recognizing good opportunities to outreach.

Three Steps to Promoting Linkable Assets for Shares, Links and Relationships

Corey Collins wrote about promoting linkable assets on Search Engine Watch. He points out the qualifying assets that make the best opportunities, and goes through a three step process for strategic promotion to people with relevant audiences and a reason to link to what is being pitched to them.

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