The Weekly Measure: Comparing Facebook and Instagram Ads, Shared Content Optimization & PPC Lessons from Hollywood

The Weekly Measure: Comparing Facebook and Instagram Ads, Shared Content Optimization & PPC Lessons from Hollywood

The Weekly Measure brings to you the latest news highlights related to content marketing, PPC, social media, search engine optimization and link building. Also provided each week is a continually updated list of conferences featuring industry experts from around the world, including those from Vertical Measures. Check out the Weekly Measure each week in order to stay informed on the trends and changes within the digital marketing news industry!

Content Marketing

7 Bad Writing Habits You Learned in School

Jonathan Morrow posted on Copyblogger about poor writing habits. Morrow lists six that writers may have picked up throughout their years of education and how they can be overcome.

Shared Content Optimization: What It Is & Why You Need to Care

Oren Barzilai wrote about shared content optimization (SCO) on HubSpot. He expands upon what SCO is, how to create content for it and maximize sharing potential.

Paid Search

Facebook vs. Instagram Ads: Where Should You Advertise?

facebook-vs-instagram-adsJen Carpenter compared Facebook and Instagram ads on the Vertical Measures blog. Carpenter looks at Instagram’s continued growth as a platform as well as Facebook’s unique targeting options to help readers determine which is best for their interests.

What You Can Learn About PPC From Hollywood’s Big Budget Movie Campaigns

learn-about-ppc-from-hollywoodAndrew Raso posted on KISSmetrics about what Hollywood’s big budget movie campaigns can teach marketers about PPC. He elaborates on six lessons from movie marketing that can be applied to crafting an effecting PPC campaign.

Social Media

Marketing via LinkedIn (Infographic)

David Cohen shared an infographic about marketing via LinkedIn on Adweek. The infographic covers the online network’s growth, user base and best times for sharing content.

The Complete Emoji Guide for Social Media Marketers

Dara Fontein published a complete guide to emojis on Hoosuite. The guide explains the meaning behind the idea of the emoji and the art behind their use.


How Not to Get Penalized By the Penguin 4.0 Algorithm Filter

In an article on Marketing Insider Group, Rohan Ayyar discussed Penguin 4.0 and the potential consequences it can have on marketers. He also advises readers on how to stay out of the line of fire and avoid penalization.

#Pubcon Day 1: Tech Issues & Link Building Tips

Anna Crowe offered coverage of Day 1 of Pubcon on Search Engine Journal. Crowe sits in on three sessions covering tech issues and tips for link building from some of the top experts in the internet marketing industry.

Link Building

I’ll Stop the World and Link With You

Julie Joyce wrote about why exactly people decide to post a link on Search Engine Land. She provides several examples of successful and failed link outreaches to paint a better picture of our link builders can craft more successful pitches.

Google: Penguin Looks At The Page Where Your Links Come From (Link Source)

Barry Schwartz posted on Search Engine Roundtable about Google’s clarification that Penguin is not a “link spam algorithm.” Schwartz takes information from an interview with Gary Illyes of Google to clear up how Penguin scans links.

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