The Weekly Measure: Catchy Subject Lines, SEM Mistakes & Adopting Content (and Dogs)

The Weekly Measure: Catchy Subject Lines, SEM Mistakes & Adopting Content (and Dogs)

Every Friday, Vertical Measures gathers all the best content from across the web and compiles it into The Weekly Measure. We feature the entire spectrum of digital marketing, including content marketing, paid media, social media, search engine optimization, link building and email marketing. We also list the best conferences that will take place in that next few weeks. Keep with the Weekly Measure each week as we continue to provide you with the most current digital marketing news.

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Content Marketing

5 Tips for Adopting a Culture of Content with Your Team (And Maybe a Dog)

– Vertical Measures


Discover the five best ways to adopt a culture of content with your team – and possibly – a dog in the process (should you feel so inclined).

Should I Fire My Digital Marketing Agency? A Case Study

– Vertical Measures


Mike Huber shares a story about a small business that was losing website traffic and not very happy with their agency.

Paid Media

6 Common SEM Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

– Infusionsoft


Search engine marketing is a requirement these days, but many small businesses are making mistakes. Learn how to avoid six common SEM mistakes.

Using the Facebook Dynamic Creative Tool

– PPC Hero


Facebook’s new Dynamic Creative tool uses automation to determine your most efficient creative variations. Say goodbye to tedious, manual A/B tests!

Social Media

Which Social Network Drives the Most Traffic to Your Website?

– Search Engine Journal


Which social network drives the most traffic to digital marketers’ websites? Here are the results from this #SEJSurveySays poll question.

Social Media Analytics: A Guide for Beginners

– Hootsuite


Understanding the metrics that matter most and the best tools to track them will help you identify goals, measure performance, and refine your strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Google’s Recent Medical Information Change in the SERPs

– Search Engine Watch


The Knowledge Panel is a recent SERP update from Google that provides known medical indications and some symptoms.

How to Drive Conversion with Visual Search & Search by Camera

– Moz


With visual search steadily on the rise, how can your brand take advantage of visual marketing?

Link Building

Risk-Averse Link Building – Whiteboard Friday

– Moz


Agencies and consultants who are asked to build links for their clients need to have a sense for what works and what’s risky. Moz helps chart a path forward.

How to Create Catchy, Effective Subject Lines for Link Outreach

– Search Engine Land


Are your outreach emails falling flat? SEJ shares specific tips you can use to write subject lines that will work to get your emails opened.


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