The Weekly Measure: August 30, 2013

The Weekly Measure: August 30, 2013


The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.


Before You Say Content One More Time, Listen

You know how important content marketing is in your online marketing efforts, but do you know how to write about what people actually care about? Anthony Pensabene offers some valuable content brainstorming tips in this article.

“Marketing is about emotion. We want to ‘stir’ our readers with invigorating content – the kind that comes from the thoughts of the people – not the gurus in the top Google SERPs.” -Anthony Pensabene

Online Marketers: Make Sure You Surface The Right Content To Your Audience


Just because you’ve got content doesn’t mean you have good content, and this Search Engine Land article by Nathan Safran of Conductor, Inc. discusses an important shift towards content relevancy and user intent.

Newsjacking: Risky or Beneficial? [VIDEO]

Newsjacking – what is it and how can it help or hurt your marketing efforts? Erin Pritchard of Vertical Measures breaks down what you need to know about the risks and benefits in this clever video.

The Humungous Guide to Content Strategy

Content strategy doesn’t have to be daunting; in fact, Ian Lurie shows us how to take a humorous approach to content planning in this Portent infographic, offering a 652-step process.

Top 60+ Content Marketing Education Resources

If you’re looking for fresh and innovative ideas or you’re feeling bogged down in your efforts, Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures shares an extensive list of content marketing education resources, to liven up your strategies and help push out some valuable, user-appreciated content.


Google Launches AdWords Paid & Organic Report: See Organic And Paid Query Data Side-By-Side

Already working in AdWords? Great! Here’s something new: a way to give advertisers quick insight into query performance, making your reporting efforts much simpler. Ginny Marvin shares the news here on Search Engine Land.

What Is “Owned, Earned and Paid Media”?

Paid Search

Owned, earned and paid media…what’s the difference? Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends sorts it out in this article, offering solid definitions, a little myth debunking and how you can combine two or more types to expand marketing efforts even more.

Using Excel for Pay Per Click

Facebook Global Mobile Ad Market Share Seen Tripling

Brian Deagon of shares the news of the tripling of Facebook’s global mobile ad market share, with stock at 15.8%, up from 5.4% last year.


What Are You Going To Do With All Those Likes?

Your business has a bunch of followers, your posts are getting tons of likes…but what do you do about it? Courtney Seiter of Raven Tools takes this opportunity to tell business how to get the right kind of attention through social media and keep your followers coming back for more in this Marketing Land article.Unicef

Facebook & Shutterstock Partnership Gives Advertisers Access To Over 28M Images

Images have been shown to garner significantly more attention than text alone, and Facebook’s recent announcement of a partnership with Shutterstock will give advertisers a stockpile of new images for marketing. Quinton O’Reilly of Simply Zesty shares the story.

Amazing Correlation Between Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings

Do Google +1’s equal higher search rankings? A recent study by Moz has some surprising results, and Cyrus Shepard has the scoop on The Moz Blog. The article itself has been highly debated in the user comments, so read on to form your own opinion.

It’s now Easier to Administer Promotions on Facebook

In Facebook news, the requirement that Facebook promotions can only be administered through apps has been removed, as they “hope that these updates will enable more business to use Facebook to launch their promotions.” How can this update to the Pages Terms help you?

These 12 Banned Hashtags Tell Us What Instagram Is Afraid Of Becoming

Instagram’s recently announced it has banned a number of hashtags, and Jim Edwards has the story on Business Insider.

How to Get Major League Results From Social Media

Louise Julig throws out an interesting pitch in this Social Media Examiner article: what we can learn about social media engagement from the San Francisco Giants with useful examples from the team’s Twitter account.

“You’ve got to listen more than you react. You can spend all the money you want on software, but just listening to what people say is critical.” – Brian Srabian


4 Google Changes That Could Impact Your Holiday ROI

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holiday season, especially in advertising, and this Search Engine Watch article by Dave Schwartz alerts us to important Google changes that could make a big difference in holiday ROI.

Google Analytics Email Marketing Dashboard For Beginners

Do you know how to operate the Google Analytics Email Marketing Dashboard? Carrie Hill covers all the bases in this Marketing Land article. By the time you’re done, you’ll be a Dashboard whiz.

Penalized & Sad: When to Abandon the Sinking SEO Ship

Black hat techniques and spamming schemes have rotted some websites out from the core, but some well-designed, honest websites have taken their fair share of the Penguin hit as well. When is it time to jump ship? And how can you tell if there’s still life to your site? Jon Ball of Page One Power breaks the the hard-to-hear news in this Search Engine Land article.

“So, whether it was time, hard work, money, and/or years of attachment, there’s baggage that goes along with these penalized sites. No one wants to dump the baby out with the bathwater, and sometimes that unfortunately equates to the captain going down with the ship.” – Jon Ball

PR for Success

Going in Depth to Define and Apply Co-Citation

What is co-citation and how can it work for me, you ask? Temple Stark addresses co-citation in this Vertical Measures article, defining it and showing its worth in SEO efforts.

5 Clever Ways to Leverage PR for SEO Success

Purna Virji shows how ‘leveraging your company’s authoritative figure’ and ‘doing good deeds to garner press coverage’ can boost PR, ultimately beefing up SEO. Search Engine Watch has the story.


5 Ways to Use Your Clients to Build Links

I’m guessing you haven’t considered using your clients for link-building, but this Search Engine Journal article by Pawel Grabowski makes some interesting points in favor of the idea.

The Definitive Guide to Using Google+ for Building Links & Outreach

If you’re not already using Google+ for link building and outreach, it’s time to play catch up with this Search Engine Journal article by Paul Shapiro.

Case Study: $5 Link Building

$5 Links

$5 can get you on page one? 100 links for $1? Surely you’re not buying into these link building schemes, but in case you are (or have in the past) this Search Engine Journal article by Barrie Smith can show you what these kinds of black hat links will do to your site.

9 Things We Should Never Stop Doing in Link Building

Pandas and Penguins should never scare away good, solid link building tactics, and this Search Engine Land article by Erin Everhart sticks to its guns about link building.

“If ‘treat others the way you want others to treat you’ is the golden rule for society, ‘help others before asking them to help you’ should be the golden rule for link building.” – Erin Everhart

50+ More Things Every Link Builder Should Know

Link building, done right, can score on the SEO court, and Julie Joyce brings more than 50 great tips for link builders in this Search Engine Land article.


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